Signs: Mirjana – “Without our priests there will be no triumph of the heart of our Mother.”

Our Lady says “they don’t need your judgment and your criticisms; they need your prayers and your love because God will judge them as they were by Priests but he will judge you for your behavior towards them. My children, if you lose respect for priests, slowly lose respect for the Church and for the Lord “.

Even during the apparition (as happened yesterday) Our Lady says “I give you my maternal blessing, but the most important blessing that you can receive on earth is that which you can receive from priests because through them my Son blesses you “,” do not forget to pray for your shepherds, their hands are blessed by my Son “.

This is why I pray you: when you return to your parishes, show how our behavior should be with priests. If your parish priest does not do as you think do not go around judging but take the Rosary and pray for him, this is the way to help him but not the judgment: in this world there is so much judgment but so little love. Our Lady always wants us to be recognized for love, only God can judge.

I would like to tell you why Our Lady has been preparing us for so many years but unfortunately I still cannot. But I can tell you one thing: between the time we live now and the time of the triumph of the heart of our Mother there is a bridge and that bridge is our priests. This is why Our Lady insists so much especially in recent times on praying for them because the bridge must be very strong so that we can all pass. Our Lady says “with them I will triumph”, then without our priests there will be no triumph of the heart of our Mother. Even yesterday she said that we must pray for our priests who have strength and love to guide us, for this I ask you to pray for your pastors, show that they are respected and loved.