“Pray, convert, return to me, you are about to enter a nuclear war”

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Dear Father Livio, thank you always for teaching us every day to read history with the eyes of faith.

Regarding the risks of war – now evident to everyone – there was already a warning also in the Civitavecchia affair.

I report some passages from the book by P. Ubodi ofm. 

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Voice heard by Fabio Gregori on 19 May 1995, pag. 76

“There is a very bad tragedy looming over humanity that is approaching. He is not realizing that he is about to enter a world war that can be stopped. What I am telling you is a message that the Holy Father, the Pope already knows through another daughter of mine. Stop this war! You have the most powerful weapons than those used, which are love, prayers, humility, the Rosary and the true conversion of your hearts towards God through our Heavenly Mother who is holding you all in her arms, close to her Heart Immaculate of her. I beg you, no longer allow my blood to cry for all the children who distance themselves from her Immaculate Heart […] ”. 

Voice heard by Annamaria Gregori in June 1995, page. 91 

“I heard the voice of the Madonna: «Pray, convert, because I am coming for another year and if you don’t listen to me then there will be no more time». Then she explained to me that one tear was still missing and the rosary, all fifteen mysteries, would be completed. Then she continued her voice: «Pray, convert, return to me, you are about to enter a nuclear war ».

From “The Madonna of Civitavecchia” by Flavio Ubodi, (seventh edition Ares, February 2017 – preface Riccardo Caniato)

Father Flavio Ubodi, Capuchin friar and professor of dogmatic theology, was a member of the diocesan theological commission for the “Madonna of Civitavecchia”, as Vice President. Appointed by the bishop mons. Girolamo Grillo to follow the Gregori family closely and gather all the information, he is among the greatest experts on the events.