“The coming chastisement – BE NOT AFRAID!” -Fr Goring Pray this prayer for the sick that Our Lady gave to the world


We need to repent and believe the good news. That was Jesus’ first message when He started His public ministry; it is relevant in our days as it was when he first mentioned it. We live in fear. We love Easter not Good Friday. Thanks for your encouragement Father. Viva Cristo Rey!

In Medjugorje, June 22, 1985,Our Lady asked to recite this prayer for a sick person


O my God, this sick one here before You, has come to ask You what He desires, and which He believes to be the most important thing for him. You, God, let these words enter his heart “It is important to be healthy in the soul! »Lord, let Your holy will be done in everything! If you want me to heal, give him health. But if Your will is different, let it continue to carry its cross. I also pray for you that we intercede for him; purify our hearts to make us worthy to give, through us, your holy mercy.After prayer, recite the Glory to the Father three times.


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