May 19, 2019 Report: Statue of Virgin Mary wept on Good Friday in Sri Lanka two days before Easter Bombing ..Video

Italian Marian Site “La Luce di Maria”posted this video

Source: La Luce De Maria

On Good Friday in Sri Lanka, what you see happened and only 24 hours later bombs explode, causing so many victims.
The mass extermination of the many Christians killed in the Sri Lankan tragedy has recorded an incredible fact a few hours before everything happened. 
We present this video which shows a statue of the Virgin Mary who shed tears just a few hours after the massacre of so many Christians killed guilty of believing in Jesus Christ and in his church.

Miracle of Mother Mary Statue Crying Blood tears at St. Philip Neri’s Church, Katukurunda, Kalutara, Sri Lanka. Date 19-04-2019 Good Friday – 2 days before Sri Lanka Easter bombings

2 thoughts on “May 19, 2019 Report: Statue of Virgin Mary wept on Good Friday in Sri Lanka two days before Easter Bombing ..Video

  • You really need to get better translators. This article reads that the statue wept after the bombing. Not the first time the translation has been either inaccurate or difficult to understand. It detracts from the credibility of the site. Please get translations checked by a person who speaks and writes good English.

  • Mama Mary, I’m very proud of you for your ever abiding care and concern for all your children all over the world. Mum deepen my love for you every new day and for my dear elder Brother and God, Jesus Christ. I believe in God’s mercy and in the Resurrection of their bodies, and mine too when I shall die to rise again and live forever in God’s merciful love. Mummy, remember us also in Nigeria at this point in time and in other African countries where Christianity is being threatened into extinction if Jesus Christ chooses not to intervene in our political situations. I trust He will though! He died our death so that we who believe in Him may live His life to the fullness in the present in union with you Mum, all the Angels and Saints in heaven from here to there in eternity. With much love and appreciation of you ma, I commend the rest of my life and all your children in this world that God loves so much to your maternal prayers, protection and favors. Live Jesus in our hearts, Forever!

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