Medjugorje Pilgrim: “That May 1st I saw something extraordinary…”

Who is Gianni Romolotti?

A well-known publicist who called himself an agnostic, before meeting the Queen of Peace of Medjugorje.

Gianni Romolotti
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Source: La Luce di Maria

His first trip to that holy place dates back to May 1, 1987. He didn’t believe in anything at the time, so he was far from seeking the Madonna or his apparitions.

He and his wife Marina had come to Medjugorje for the insistence of a friend, with a prophetic name, Grazia, in the year in which the six visionaries were between 10 and 16 years old. 
” I saw something extraordinary. I looked at the sun with the naked eye, something normally impossible to do. All the others, we were hundreds, the same. And the sun started spinning, dancing, pulsing, taking on various colors, first blue, then red, then pink, and finally fell towards me, enough to force me to instinctively repair my face with my hands ”.

Medjugorje: the revealing photo

How not to feel touched by such an experience? How not to exclaim that you have found your home and all the answers you are looking for? 
The next day, he thought of taking pictures: “A shot neither vertical nor horizontal, while I remembered perfectly that I had aimed the lens perpendicular to the ground, in the direction of the rectory and the Church.

Next to the cusps of the two bell towers, a cloud formed a woman’s silhouette. From the veil and the mantle we would say the Virgin. But I am sure that on that day the sky was clear, not even a cloud ” . 
From that day, Romolotti guards the negative in a safe, a sign and a pledge of his healing, of the change that then touched his entire existence . He wanted to tell everyone how and why his life had changed; it started then and never stopped.

In the 90s, he rented the Palatrussardi, for a spiritual gathering: ” Coaches from all over Italy, at every gathering 10,000 people eager for prayer , rosaries and litanies, from 9 am to 7 pm, is a single speech: the meditation of father Slavko Barbaric , a charismatic Franciscan, now buried in Medjugorje, who, had he not become a friar, would have ended up with the militia to wrest the testicles from his enemies during the war in Bosnia “. 
His role in the world seemed clear to him: to propagate what he had learned as much as possible, to share it with others who now looked at him in amazement, to hear him speak. He wanted to share the gifts of healing with anyone , to speak clearly, just to shake consciences.