The devil wants to destroy you and the planet, and God sends his Mother: “Keep the commandments”



Our Lady warns us; the devil wants to destroy you and the planet, here’s how to stop his plans

In many of her messages, the Virgin Mary warns us against the tricks of the evil one, inviting us to prayer and penance. In her need, the Celestial Mother makes herself present as the mother of humanity, let us entrust ourselves to her and her protection.

Our Lady had confided to Sister Lucy, the visionary of Fatima , who – having exhausted all other means of calling men to observe the commandments – God sends his Virgin Mother into the world as a last attempt. In Medjugorje, Our Lady spoke very often about the devil, to warn the faithful of her action.

What did the Virgin tell us? Here are some examples.
“Satan is very strong and with all his energies he wants to destroy my plans, which I have started to realize with you” [14.1.1985]. But She then adds: “With the Rosary you can overcome all the obstacles that Satan wants to procure for the Catholic Church right now” [25.8.1985].
“Satan is strong and wants to destroy not only human life, but also the nature and the planet on which you live” [25.11.1991]. 
“Satan is strong and wants to destroy the plans of peace and joy, and make you think that my Son is not strong in his decisions. Therefore I invite you to pray and fast even more strongly “[25.8.1991].

“Satan makes fun of you and your souls, and I cannot help you because you are far from my Heart” [25.3.1992].

“Do not allow Satan to take possession of your hearts, so as to become his image, and not mine” [30.1.1986].

We note from this how the Virgin identifies herself with the figure of Jesus: when one is an image of Satan, one is no longer one of Christ.

The remedies against evil
After thus warning us, the Blessed Virgin indicates the remedy: “Only through prayer can you overcome any influence of Satan” [7.8.1986].

The Virgin Mary also warns us of the social and personal assaults of the devil: “Satan wants war. Satan wants to destroy all that is good “[25.3.193]. And she assures us of her maternal concern: “I am your mother; I want to protect you from all that Satan offers you and through which he wants to destroy you “[25.3.1990].
We know what Satan offers: pleasure, wealth, success. And many kneel before him to obtain these goods that pass. Therefore they are given to the various forms of occultism: recourse to magicians and fortune tellers, spirit sessions, satanic sects … Above all, they sin.
Today there is a mania to resort to oriental cults, which often present themselves as harmless forms of physical and mental relaxation, if not even as alternative treatments to common medicines; while then they come to embrace doctrines contrary to the Gospel, all founded on reincarnation.
Our Lady warns us against all this, defends us, invites us to fight and suggests the means to win: prayer, fasting, conversion. The messages of Medjugorie, for example, are all summarized in an insistent motto: “Pray, pray, pray”.
How long will the fight against Satan last? The Second Vatican Council tells us very clearly: “Human history is wholly pervaded by a tremendous struggle against the powers of darkness, a struggle which began from the origins of the world and which will last – as the Lord says – until the last day “(Gaudiun et Spes, 37).
We are warned. It is up to us to decide for the Lord.

Light of Mary