Dear Rev. Father Livio,

I have been a listener of your program for over 20 years and I follow your blog with interest, with which, if I have not understood wrong, you want to keep alive the attention on the salvation plan of the Queen of Peace, in this very troubled phase for the Church and for the world.

Honestly, I’m a bit cautious on the topic of secrets, especially because I don’t see, at least apparently, an interest on the part of the Church in this regard.

Yet the scenario that you described in your latest editorial shows a crescendo towards a catastrophe that no one is able to stop.

What strikes me first is the spiritual and moral devastation that is breaking down the fragile banks that still resist.

Violence and war are spreading more and more, until they cause a global fire.

I conclude the description by stating that the Catholic Church is in the crosshairs almost everywhere in the world.

The rejection of the Faith and the Cross and anti-Christian hatred has taken possession of many baptized people.

Now I ask myself, or rather I ask you:

In this chaotic situation, in which the mass media have a leading role, what reception will the revelation of secrets have?

In my opinion they will be silenced in the bud and the masters of the world will do what they want.

Yet you, dear Father, continue to cry out in the desert. We need it.

Ave Maria

Vincent of Salerno

Dear Vincenzo,

you have stated the reality in the appropriate terms: Satan convinced man to remove God from his life and put himself in his place.

What we see is the result of this operation, conducted with the simulation and ferocity that is typical of it.

However, the empire of darkness, although it surpasses every unimaginable perversion, is made up of creatures subjected to Divine Omnipotence.

Mary, sent by her Son, who is the King of the universe, prepared a plan of salvation in the time of secrets.

The key point of this plan is to put everyone in front of a decisive choice.

The events that will occur, starting with the sign on the hill, followed by the seven subsequent plagues, will shake the earth and every inhabitant as never before.

The seriousness of the situation is expressed by the words with which Our Lady gave the scroll of secrets to Mirjana :

“ Mirjana, I chose you. I told you everything essential. I have also shown you many terrible things. Now you have to bear everything with courage. Think of me and the tears I have to shed over this. You must always have courage.”

Those who are humble will have no doubts in grasping the outstretched hand of the Madonna.

The proud, followers of the evil one, will persist in the realization of their evil plans and will perish.

At the end of the time of secrets the world will no longer be the same as before, because it will be a world of peace.

This is Our Lady’s plan which will be realized with our help.

For those who believe, things are simple and clear.

Why doubt? Only to Christ did the Father give all power.

Ave Maria

Father Livio