Medjugorje: Ivan with new message from Blessed Mother September 18, 2021 “”I come among you In this time of great turbulence and great confusion.”

On September 18, 2021, Ivan received a new message  from the Queen of Peace. The visionary Ivan continues to see the Virgin Mary everyday and he has received 9 of the 10 secrets.

Ivan presented his experience with Our Lady that occurred on the 18th of September.

“Dear friends in Christ, once again I want to greet you from the heart in this communion of prayer today.

Here is the special message.

“Dear Children  I wish to greet you all from my heart in our union of prayer.  

In this time of great turbulence and great confusion,  I, as your mother comes among you.  

I encourage you,  comfort you and show you the way to hope.  

So don’t be afraid,  don’t be afraid.”

Ivan then shared a  few words about his experience with the Queen of Peace that evening. 

“Even today Our Lady came to us particularly joyful and happy.  

As soon as she arrived,  she greeted everyone with her usual maternal greeting: 

“Praised be Jesus,  my dear children”.  

Then Our Lady  prayed over all of us and she also prayed over the sick people and the priests  present at this meeting.  

Then Our Lady  prayed for holiness in marriage,  in the family and for young people.  

Then Our Lady gave us her maternal blessing of her and likewise she blessed all the sacred objects brought here for her blessing.  

Then Our Lady went away in prayer under the sign of light and the cross with her greeting: 

“Go in peace,  my dear children”.