A Medjugorje Prophecy from the Man Who Slept on the Ground: Water will flow on the Probrdo Hill at the Place of the Third Secret

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In Sister Emmanuel’s book, “The Hidden Child” tells of a very old man, from Medjugorje, who in 1901 made this incredible prophecy on a spring of water that would flow on Podbrdo.

His name was Matè Sego and he was born in 1901. He never went to school, he could neither read nor write. He worked a small piece of land, slept on the ground, had neither water nor electricity and drank so much grappa. He was a man well liked by many in the village of Bijakovici, always smiling and joking. He lived at the foot of the Mount of Apparitions on Podbrdo

One day Matè began to tell: “One day, there will be a large staircase behind my house, with as many steps as there are days of the year. Medjugorje will be very important, people will come here from all corners of the world. They will come to pray. The church will not be as small as it is now, but much bigger and full of people. It can not contain all those who will come. When the church of my childhood is undermined, I will die that day.

There will be many roads, many buildings, much bigger than our little houses we have now. Some buildings will be immense. “

At that point in the story Matè Sego is saddened and says “Our people will sell their land to foreigners who will build on it. On my mountain there will be so many people that you will not be able to sleep at night. “

At that point, the friends of Matè laughed and asked if he had drunk too much grappa.

But Matè continues: “Do not lose your traditions pray to God for all and for yourselves. There will be a spring here, a spring that will give a lot of water, so much water that there will be a lake here and ours will have boats and will moor them to a large rock “.

That said, away from various seers, prophets, dreamers, mystical home-like, we want to tell a dream made by a serious person, very healthy, without any kind of mystical problems that, without knowing anything of what we have written above, has told this.

“You know, I had a dream, I dreamed about the visible sign that everyone will be on the mountain of Pobrdo when the secrets arrive.”

I answered “Ah yes? Which one would it be? “

He said: “A spring, a spring of water that will flow from Mount Podbrdo. I dreamed that I was on the Podbrdo and that from a small hole in the rocks came a small source of water. The water ran down the hill making its way between the earth and the stones until you get to the shops at the entrance of the Podbrdo that slowly began to flood. So many pilgrims together with the inhabitants of Medjugorje began to dig to divert the water from the shops but more water came out of the source to become a real stream. The heaps of earth dug by the people diverted the water on the road that leads to the mountain and the water passed the road and headed towards the plain leading to the church, and at the edges there was a crowd of pilgrims along the way. Alone the water dug the bed of the stream that ended up flowing into the stream that passes behind the church of S Giacomo. Everyone was shouting at the sign and everyone was praying at the edge of the new little river. “

Too similar, all this makes us think and reports to the third secret of Medjugorje that speaks of a “great sign on the hill, which can not be done by man, will be visible to all and will remain there permanently.”

Water springs in Medjugorje, rivers, boats seem absurd situations for a country that has always lived with the problem of water even to water the gardens.

Will this be the sign? Water that purifies bodies and hearts as in Lourdes?

We wait, we pray, let’s get converted, the signs are not so important, the signs only serve to strengthen the faith of those who have already believed without having seen.

3 thoughts on “A Medjugorje Prophecy from the Man Who Slept on the Ground: Water will flow on the Probrdo Hill at the Place of the Third Secret

  • The old fella died in 1979 so he could not have made the prediction in the year he was born in 1901. Probably made this prediction sometime before he died.:)

  • I have been to Medugorje many times and have experienced many wonderful things.
    I did not go expecting to see or experience anything I only went to accompany my mother who had told me of her many experiences. I went with her because some of her friends decided not to go and so that she wouldn’t be by herself.
    When our Blessed Mither wants you She know exactly how to get you!!!
    I am now a third order Servite and serving my second term as prioress of our community. One of my experiences was published in the 2014 summer edition of the Medugorje magazine.

    Thank you Gospa!!!

  • Medjugorje is a beautiful! We were the oldest in a Caritas Pilgrimage group. I, 65 wife, 62. Always last upon arrival. They were kind to wait for us to catch up with the group! While on Cross Mountain, we heard the devil wail in anguish. A sound like no other. Also saw a man convulse, filled with the Holy Spirit! He was, next to us, sitting up against the cement base, which holds the cross. He was not accustomed to what had happened…

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