Special messages of the Queen of Peace, given in the time of Lent… Read them today in preperation. “Dear children, tonight I invite you in particular to honor the wounds that my Son has received for the sins of this parish during Lent.”

“Decide firmly on what to do in particular for this Lent, I would like to give you an idea During this time try to win a defect every day avoiding one of your most frequent weaknesses and shortcomings, such as irascibility, impatience, laziness , gossip, disobedience, rejection of unpleasant people If you can not stand a proud person, you must try to get close to her If you want her to become humble, take the first step towards her. It is worth more than pride, so every day you meditate on yourselves and look for in your heart what is to be changed, the weaknesses to be overcome, the vices to be eliminated, and I want each of you to choose another member of the group and together decide to live spiritually united throughout Lent, agree on what to do together to try to eliminate your faults, you have to commit yourself and make the most of it.this Lent spent in love.Thus you will be closer to me and to Heavenly Father.You will be happier, and the men around you will be happier too.As a mother I invite you to be conscious of everything you do.

“Message of February 20, 1985 – given to the prayer group”Dear children, tonight I invite you in particular to honor the wounds that my Son has received for the sins of this parish during Lent, join me in my prayers for the parish, so that the sores may be bearable. My call, keep coming more and more!

“Message of March 22, 1984″Dear children, from day to day I am praying to renew the prayer in the parish, but do not answer, today I invite you for the last time, now it is Lent, and you – as a parish – can now join out of love for my call If you do not do it, I do not want to give you more messages. “This is permitted to me by God. Thank you for responding to my call!

“Message of February 21, 1985″Since you have decided to live this Lent with commitment, I wish that on Friday all of you in the group will be mass and worship the cross. If you will love me if you abandon me, I will tell you how you should lead the Way of the Cross to understand it. better, so pray and open up to me.

“Message of February 21, 1985 (Message given to the prayer group)- Dear children!From now on you will no longer pray spontaneously among the mysteries of the Rosary of Jesus. Many in some way are lost because they do not participate actively.So pray: before the five Our Father you will meditate on the mystery that is contemplated, on the intention for which you pray, and then you will sing a song.My children, during this Lent it is not enough for you to meet twice a week.You need to meet again.You decide on which day of the week to have this third meeting.On Tuesdays, you will pray the rosary of Jesus in the way I have told you.On Saturdays you will pray spontaneously and dialogue with each other.In the third meeting, you will pray the painful mysteries of the rosary.Dear children, I urgently need your prayers because today this parish has caused me a sword of sorrow.Therefore it is necessary that you pray with the heart.Some of you think it is better to pray silently but, in this case, while the heart prays, the body stops having its feeling: and then we pray only as the spirit tolerates.Many of you, when the heart is restless, always pray silently, while when they are in peace, they pray loudly with great love.So I want you to pray all of them aloud, as some of you can hardly pronounce the words.Pray with love because this is necessary both for me and for you.Dear children, I want to give you another useful advice for prayer.When you pray but feel ill-disposed or are preoccupied with thoughts and worries, you persist in prayer.There are many of you who are lazy in prayer and for whom, in a certain sense, what I say is indifferent.Pray and do not allow Satan to deceive you.He lurks and only one moment of emptiness suffices to deceive you.So do not give him even a moment!And if he can deceive you, do not let him drag you away completely. “

Message of February 26, 1985 (Message given to the prayer group)- Since we are in Lent and you are already introduced into spiritual examination, it is good that you examine yourself and your life a little.I have already told you that I wish the Sabbath during the Lent to pray the sorrowful mysteries of the rosary.You will pray to him as I will tell you tonight.Pray the Creed first.Then the ejaculatory “O my Jesus, forgive our faults …”.So announce the mystery and meditate this way.At the first mystery, pray for yourself, each for yourself, and reflect on your life, trying to grasp what needs to be changed in you so that Jesus may sweat less because of your sins.In the second mystery pray for the person close to you with whom you think to live this Lenten season spiritually and meditate to find what you can do together so that Jesus may be less scourged because of the sins committed in your environment.In the third mystery, pray for your family and reflect on what you can do and change in your family so that Jesus may suffer less the painful coronation of thorns caused by the sins of today’s families.At the fourth mystery pray for your parish and meditate on what you can do as a parish community to be able to take some of the sufferings and the cross of Jesus and so participate with him in the salvation of the world.In the fifth mystery pray for all mankind and meditate on what you can do so that in the world there are fewer sins and the sign of the cross, on which Jesus died, is raised and recognized by all as a sign of salvation.-

Message of February 28, 1985 (Message given to the prayer group)- Be conscious of what you do!Love everyone!If someone offends you, be humble like Jesus. Know that in this Lent you will have many more or less heavy crosses.Therefore be gentle and gentle as Jesus: even if with great pains, try to bear them, and I will help you.-

Message of March 3, 1985 (Message given to the prayer group)- This evening you sing again “Christ, in your name”.And do not be surprised that I make you sing “alleluia” in Lent.Lent does not mean a period in which joyful and cheerful songs are not made.Lent means time in which we must commit ourselves to renounce the pleasures, the pleasures of this world.Therefore, be ready even in this time to sing the spiritual songs with joy and love.I bless you.-

Message of March 6, 1985 (Message given to the prayer group)- Dear children, this Lent is a special stimulus for the change of life for you.Start now!Turn off the TV and leave aside the various things that are not useful for you.Dear children, I invite you to individual conversion.This time is for you!Thank you for answering my call!-

Message of February 13, 1986- Dear children, the second Message for the days of Lent is this: renew prayer before the Cross.Dear children, I am giving you special graces, and Jesus from the Cross gives you special gifts.Welcome them and live them!Meditate on the passion of Jesus, and unite with Jesus in life.Thank you for answering my call!-

Message of February 20, 1986- Dear children, today I invite you to live Lent with your little sacrifices.Thank you for every little sacrifice you offered to me.Dear children, live so also forward and with love help me to offer sacrifice.God will give you the prize.Thank you for answering my call! –

Message of March 13, 1986- My sons!I am happy for all the renunciations you are doing in this Lent, but I am particularly pleased with the renunciation of sin.Dear children, give an impulse to others for conversion, peace, change of life.Be the light that illuminates you!Give people love!Show everyone your love! –

Message of February 22, 1988 (Message given to the prayer group)- Dear children!For this Lenten season, I encourage you to read more the Bible and especially those passages that speak of the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus.-

Message of March 8, 1988 (Extraordinary Message)- Dear children!I repeat to you that in this period of Lent, Satan tries by every means to destroy all that we have begun in you.as your mother I warn you.Prayer is a weapon against him.-

Message of March 14, 1988 (Extraordinary Message)- Dear children!For this Lent that begins today, I ask you to put into practice four things: to resume living my messages, to read more the Bible, to offer more prayers according to my intentions and to make more sacrifices by programming some details.I am with you and I accompany you with my blessing.-

Message of 8 February 1989 (Extraordinary message)- Dear children!I wish that during Lent you may particularly feel the passion of Jesus. Only in this way will you be able to rise again with him!I would like the first of your Lenten resolutions to help those who are suffering. “Message of

March 15, 1990 (Message given to the prayer group)- Dear children, today I invite you to open yourselves to prayer.In the time of Lent, you have understood how small you are and how small your faith is.Little children, decide today also for God, so that in you and through you you will change the hearts of men and also your hearts.Be joyful bearers of the risen Jesus in this restless world, which yearns for God and for all that is from God. I am with you, little children, and I love you with a special love.Thank you for answering my call.

“Message of April 25, 2003- Dear children, in this time of Lenten grace I invite you to open your hearts to the gifts that God desires to give you.Do not be closed, but with prayer and renunciation say yes to God and He will give you abundantly.As in the spring the earth opens to the seed and bears fruit a hundredfold, so your heavenly Father will give you abundantly.I am with you and I love you, children, with tender love.Thank you for answering my call.

“Message of February 25, 2006- Dear children!In this Lenten season I invite you to interior renunciation.The road that leads you to this (renunciation) passes through love, fasting, prayer and good works.Only with total interior renunciation will you recognize the love of God and the signs of the time in which you live.You will be witnesses of these signs and you will begin to talk about them.To this I wish to lead you.Thank you for your reply.-

Message of March 18, 2006 (Extraordinary message given to Mirjana)- Dear children, open your heart to the mercy of God in this Lenten season.Heavenly Father wishes to free each of you from the slavery of sin.Therefore, little children, make good use of this time and through the encounter with God in confession let sin and decide for holiness.Do this for the love of Jesus who has redeemed all of you with his Blood so that you may be happy and at peace.Do not forget, children: your freedom is your weakness, so follow my messages seriously.Thank you for answering my call.

“Message of February 25, 2007- Dear children, I wish to thank you very much for your Lenten renunciations.I wish to make you continue to live fasting with an open heart.With fasting and renunciation, little children, you will be stronger in faith.In God you will find true peace, through daily prayer.I am with you and I am not tired.I want to take you all with me to heaven, so decide every day for holiness.Thank you for answering my call.

“Message of March 25, 2007- Dear children, with the Lenten season you approach a time of grace.Your heart is like plowed earth and is ready to receive the fruit that will grow in goodness.Little children, you are free to choose good or bad.For this I invite you: pray and fast.Sow joy and in your hearts the fruit of joy will grow for your good and others will see it and receive it through your life.Renounce sin and choose eternal life.I am with you and I intercede for you with my Son.Thank you for answering my call.

“Message of January 25, 2008- Dear children, I pray you especially in this time of Lent to respond to the goodness of God, because He has chosen you and has sent me among you.Purify yourselves of sins and in Jesus, my Son, recognize the victim of expiation for the sins of the whole world.May he be the meaning of your life and may your life be a service to the divine love of my Son.Thank you my children “.Our Lady has blessed all those present and sacred objects. She invited us to pray for our pastors again.