Does the visionary Vicka have special gifts including “Bilocation” like Padre Pio?

According to some testimonies collected in a book yes. Here is one 

Many argue that the visionary Vicka is endowed with the gift of bilocation (that is, to be able to appear miles away even if she does not move from Medjugorje)

The experience of Scott Lannin

One of these phenomena of “bilocation” happened to Scott Lannin while he was in a hospital. Scott had visited Medjugorje two years before with his wife Barbara.

Barbara tells what happened that evening in the hospital. The woman explains how her husband ended up in the hospital due to a hip problem: “On that particular night, the people who accompanied us to Medjugorje in 2006 came to visit Scott. After visiting hours, I accompanied them to the elevators and then went back to his room.

Something “strange” in the hospital room

Barbara returned to the room and felt a strange atmosphere.  “I went back to my husbands room and sat down in the chair next to him and at that moment he said to me: ‘Have you seen her?’ Barbara was surprised by the question and she asked who he was referring to. To my surprise, he said – ” Vicka, the Medjugorje visionary!  She was right here, on the threshold of the room she smiled beautifully at me. She wore a pink polo shirt and smiled at me. She did not say a word, he just smiled at me. “

Scott’s Conversion

Initially Barbara was incredulous and thought that her husband had had a hallucination, but the following day her husband, who was an atheist, confessed his desire to convert to Catholicism. Not only did he convert but he and his wife moved Medjugorje.

“Today my husband and I belong to two prayer groups in Medjugorje, and we spread the word of the Queen of Peace whenever we have the opportunity”.