Vicka’s surgery is successful… Also: When Medjugorje seer Vicka had apparition on operating table. “Her lips were moving and the doctors were totally amazed!”

Vicka’s surgery lasted 5 hours and 40 minutes, it went very well thanks to God. The doctor who operated on her said that he is very satisfied with the outcome. Thank you very much to all of you for the prayers. May Jesus and Mary be praised. Source Papaboys 3.0


 For the best-known seer of the small community of Bosnia and Herzegovina, there has been a great prayer all over the world in these hours. And today, knowing that the delicate surgery has succeeded, is for everyone a sigh of relief, and a special thanks to Heavenly Mother.



The little known story of Vicka and the apparition she had on operating table.

Finbar: Apart from your usual evening Apparition, Our Lady may appear to you at other times of the day, wherever you happen to be.

Vicka: That is correct. Once when I had a problem with my appendix, I was rushed to hospital in Mostar and from there I was rushed to another hospital in Zagreb for an operation. Later, the doctors and nurses told me that during surgery I sat up on the operating table. They saw my lips moving as though I was talking to someone. But they could not hear anything. It was the moment of an Apparition. The doctors and nurses were totally amazed.


Finbar: Is all your physical suffering directly connected to the suffering which Our Lady gave you a month to pray about back in 1984? It seems
there is a deeper spiritual or mystical dimension to what Our Lady
asked of you at the time.

Vicka: These are two separate things. I do not want to
talk too much about it, as it is Our Lady’s intention that I
not make such a big thing of what She requested. Our Lady
asked me to do something, and I accepted it with love.
Perhaps at some point in the future, if Our Lady desires, or
if it is necessary to speak about it, I will.


Vicka Talks about secrets