Padre Pio and the Soul from Purgatory “That cry of complaint produced a wound to my heart, which I felt and will feel my whole life.” ..The soul screamed “Cruel!”, then disappeared.”

Source: La Luce Di Maria

Padre Pio, during his lifetime, had many mystical experiences, which also led him to talk with the souls of Purgatory.

Padre Pio told a story to Father Anastasio:

One evening when I was alone and was praying: “I heard the rustle of a garment and saw a young friar walking around the main altar, as if he were dusting the chandeliers and arranging the flower-holders. I approached the balustrade and said to friar – Fra Leone, go to dine, it is not time to dust and adjust the altar. “

Padre Pio: a soul in Purgatory asked him for mercy

But the friar answered him and it was not the voice of Brother Leo.

Therefore, Padre Pio asked him who he was: “I am a brother of yours, who made the novitiate here. Obedience gave me the task of keeping the high altar clean and tidy during the trial year. Unfortunately, I repeatedly lacked respect for the Blessed Jesus , passing before the altar, without reviving the Most Holy, preserved in the Tabernacle. For this serious lack of respect, I am now still in Purgatory “.

After he explained himself, the friar – a ghost from purgatory – said that the Lord had allowed him to ask Padre Pio only for clemency.  T

The Friar asked Padre Pio for clemency   Padre Pio then gives a surprising answer to the friar.

“I, believing to be generous towards that soul suffering, I exclaimed: you will stay there until morning at the conventual Mass. 
That soul screamed: “Cruel!”, Then he cried out and disappeared. That cry of complaint produced a wound to my heart, which I felt and will feel my whole life. I, who by divine delegation could have sent that soul immediately to Paradise, condemned him to remain another night in the flames of Purgatory “.

Antonella Sanicanti