In Chieti Italy: Christ detaches himself from the Cross during the solitary procession – Video of accident –

Source La Luce di Maria translated from Italian.

During the solitary procession of the Archbishop of Chieti, the Christ on the cross carried on the streets of the city detaches himself from the cross.

A solitary procession that Monsignor Bruno Forte , Archbishop of Chieti  wanted to celebrate yesterday, Good Friday. He carried the cross in procession after celebrating the Liturgy of the Passion at the Regional Seminary.

The “journey accident”: Christ detaches himself from the cross
But, shortly after leaving the seminary, intent on starting his solitary procession, after having traveled only a few meters along the Corso Marrucino, Christ detaches himself from the cross and turns upside down.


Immediately “rescued” by a priest, who with the Bishop tried to fix the image of Christ in order to continue the procession. The Via Crucis has in fact continued to the churchyard of the Cathedral of San Giustino.

Chieti: the blessing with the cross resting on a table
Here the cross was placed on a table. Archbishop Forte then blessed the whole city, kneeling before the cross.

There are those who saw it as a sign, some simply as an accident .

Let us not be influenced: Christ is always with us and among us.