Recent revelation to a nun in Brazil

The following was received by Carlos Caso-Rosendi:

I received this early in the morning on October 6. I publish it here for your discernment. I was told the author is Lucas Gelasio from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. We will know soon (before October 31) if this was a true revelation or not.

On the morning of August 8th, a nun from the Northeast  —of whom I have already spoken on a recent occasion— received another revelation. She’s not sure if she was asleep or awake, but she remembers perfectly to have spoken with Our Lord, as it occurs in an interior locution.

— Daughter, conflicts will increase… — then there was a brief silence.

— When, Lord?

— I told you through My Mother and My prophet. It will start in October.

— But how will this come to pass?

— In the City of Sun, in Poland, a dangerous artifact will burst. This will lead other nations to enter into war. Some, because they will be hit; others to fight for their allies.

— Then will it be WW3 worldwide?

— It will be the third major war, but not all nations will enter it. Those that do not enter, they will support the others through prayer. They will be for the most part very Catholic nations.

— And when will this war end?

— It will last a few years, but it will come to an end by the mediation of Japan. This country, which had two cities devastated at the end of the WW2, will demonstrate to the world the strength of forgiveness and, through a heroic act that will put an end to WW3.

The conversation ended there.

After praying over what she had experienced, the nun did some research on the city. She found a village called Söl and a town called Nowa Söl. I add that it is possible also that the word “Sun” was not said in Polish, but in Portuguese therefore, it may refer to some city like Wielka Słońca, whose translation would be “Great Sun”. We don’t know which locality the prophecy refers to exactly.

I remind everyone that these revelations are given to us to let us know that God has control over everything, and that we must pray for the punishment to be mitigated or even suppressed. Let us pray for Poland and, in particular, for that location that was here called “Sun City”.

Lucas Gelasio — Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil