Fr. Michel Rodrigue – Message from God the Father about Our Guardian Angels: “I want to remind you of the reason why I have given you a guardian angel.”

Source: Count Down to the Kingdom

My dear children,

I want to remind you of the reason why I have given you a guardian angel. Everyone has a holy angel from the day you were created in the womb of your mother until you are presented to Me for your personal judgment after your death.

I have given you this holy angel, your guardian, to protect you, to defend you, and to guide you: to protect you from the dangers of this life and the mistakes that can lead you to death; to defend you against the evil spirits of darkness who want to separate you from Me for all eternity; to guide you on the path of observing My commandments of life; and to pray with you and for you in a way that suggests to you what is good, what is right, what being of true justice and love from My Son, Jesus, will move your heart and your will to follow Him.

My sadness is that you do not ask for help from your guardian angel. You do not pray with him; you ignore his protection and the mission I have entrusted to him for you!

The time is now at your door, and only your guardian angel will guide you on the path to a refuge, your safe place, the refuge I have prepared for you—a refuge of My love, which is from the Heart of Jesus, My Beloved Son.

Pray to your guardian angel and to all the souls in heaven. A battle here on Earth and in the sky will soon open in this troubled time at the end of the Tribulation. In the end, the Triumph of My daughter, Mary, will be as she promised you!

Your Father


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