The Dogs of Medjugorje … Tireless Protectors against Unseen Demons.


By Steve Ryan

I left Hotel Dubrovnik and headed to Blue Cross early in the morning of November 2, 2O17.  I was hoping to get a decent place to see Mirjana experience her monthly apparition. I really wanted to see Mirjana up close. 

Despite my ambitions for a good spot, I soon discovered my plans were foiled by hundreds of determined Italians. They had surrounded the perimeter and they were not going to budge. I looked at my watch. It would be another two hours before Mirjana makes her way to Blue Cross and I was already cold. 


I needed plan “B”.  I had just arrived in Medjugorje and I did not know Medjugorje well but I had learned that Blue Cross is a short walk to Apparition Hill.  A brisk climb up a rocky hill, I thought, would be good for my rapidly cooling body.

As the crowd patiently waited for Mirjana to arrive, organizers provided outdoor prayers on loudspeakers mixed in with beautiful soft Croatian music and song. The soothing sounds were interspersed with wonderful moments of quiet.

Incredibly cute and friendly dog guarding the Risen Christ Statue


As I made my way up the hill,  a new instrument was added to the symphony – softly barking dogs in the distance.  When the prayers would end and the music would stop, a handful of barking dogs in the valley would add their voice to the silence and for some reason, it calmed me.  I had recently published an article that an Austria mystic had claimed that dogs were the “most hated animal of the devil and demons because they are the closest and most helpful animal to mankind.” 


Photo was taken on Apparition Hill just as Mirjana started her apparition. Nov. 2, 2017

I smiled at the sound of barking dogs. Our Lady was on her way to spend time with Mirjana and I could not help but think the dogs knew it.  They are the protectors of Medjugorje and they do what they can to keep Our Lady safe.


Just as I reached the magnificent statue of Our Lady on Apparition Hill, I noticed an extended silence coming from the bottom of the hill towards the Blue Crosses. 

Our Lady had arrived on a beautiful Wednesday morning to the village of Medjugorje and it seemed as if the world had come to a complete stop. It was a beautiful silence. 

But outside the world the devil and his demons do not rest and so after a moment of quiet, the dogs of Medjugorje get back to their work, perhaps seeing the unseen and, in their way, protecting Medjugorje which is the light and the hope of the entire world. 

Steve Ryan is the publisher of Mystic Post and the author of “The Madonna Files”
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15 thoughts on “The Dogs of Medjugorje … Tireless Protectors against Unseen Demons.

  • Protectors of demons or from demons ?

    • you are right I fixed thanks

  • You should change your title. The way it is worded it says the dogs are protecting the demons, not protecting against the demons.

    • yes you are right i fixed

  • Perhaps the title of the article should be “FROM” unseen demons? Dogs are not protectors of the demons.

    • thanks made the change

    • Hi Eileen,

      Mark was kind enough to send me the article .. He is amazing..
      Also I started reading the book you gave me on the plane ride home. Very interesting. I hope to do something with that on Mystic post

      So nice meeting you steve

  • I remember being in Medjugorje in 1990 (I really need to get back :-)). Being a dog lover, I was quite comforted by interacting with those friendly dogs wherever we went. I often saw them at night, sleeping besides an outdoor statue of Our Lady. I remember feeling concerned for them, but they seemed to be fine in their job. Over the years, I have found them very attuned to the presence of evil and fearless. Praise God for creating these special companions.

  • When I visited Medjugorje in 1990, there were 2 times that I was approached by a black lab that seemed to be on his own…no owner claiming him. There were all these dog lovers around beckoning the dog to come to them, but he wouldn’t. He stayed by me and accompanied me for quite some time. I’m not the greatest dog lover having been frightened terribly by one when I was a toddler. I’ll never forget this experience. I felt there was something indeed special about this black lab and I did sense feeling protected more than frightened.

  • I have an amazing story. I went to Medjugorje right out of high school for Christmas 1987. Once we got settled a few of us climbed apparition hill around midnight to thank Our Lady for a safe trip. As we were leaving I decided to stay and pray alone on the hill. My group leader really tried to twist my arm into not staying alone. Of-course being a big guy, I was staying. She asked if I knew my way back down the hill and I said yes. After I said my rosary and started to climb down the hill, I got totally lost and stuck in some briar bushes. I just looked up into the heavens and said “now what?”. I was stuck on the side of a hill in a communist country. Out of nowhere three large dogs showed up. At first, I was scared but then they started nipping at my legs. If was as if they were telling me to follow them-which I did. They not only led me down the hill but took me right to the house where I was staying (no hotels at that time). I am absolutely sure that they were angels in disguise. As I told this story around the village, many villagers confirmed a trio of dogs that appear to help people when they are in need—otherwise no one knows where they stay.

    Then when I was in Birmingham, Alabama while the visionary Maria was there to donate a kidney to her brother, I was standing right outside of the house where she was staying. It was time for her daily apparition. Up until that moment the family dog was barking, birds were singing, and leaves were falling. When Mary appeared the dog went and sat right underneath the window and looked up. The birds stopped singing, and the leaves stopped falling. It was like time had stopped. As soon as the vision was over, everything started right back up. Truly another amazing experience.

  • Lovely article. thanks.

  • I too had the experience of these angelic dogs in Medjugorje. I was traveling alone. Everywhere I wandered a large German shepherd showed up to accompany me. It got to the point that people were asking me if they could pet my dog.
    When praying the rosary one night after sundown and walking from the outdoor altar toward the graveyard with a friend, a number of dogs of all sizes gathered before and between us and the graveyard as we prayed. It was like a cavalry of canines appeared to protect and redirect us. We knew to turn around and marveled.

  • When I was in Medjugorje I noticed five dogs that were always together, playing with each other, and sometimes mingling with the pilgrims. For some reason I felt an attachment to them. We hiked up Cross Mountain one afternoon and when we reach the area in front of the cross one of the dogs was sitting there watching us and wagging it tail. I went up to it and it licked my hand. There was no food or water in this area and I couldn’t imagine why it would be here. Then it went up to the cross and started walking around it. This is when I observed the other four dogs surrounding the cross, or should I be so bold as to say guarding it.

  • Why wasn’t my two stories approved? Both were true stories.

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