Medjugorje: THE GREAT SHAKING – THE DAY THAT WAS TOO HARD for Mirjana – They no not what awaits them

It has been very difficult for Mirjana because she has had to bear the greatest responsibility about the releasing of the 10 secrets. No human being on earth can really understand her unique burden.

Not only is Mirjana aware of the severity of the secrets she aches for mankind to understand what Our Lady is asking us to do. SHe is constantly reminding us.

A few years ago she said:

“The Holy Virgin told me that it is necessary to pray a lot until the first secret is revealed. “The first two secrets will last for a while.
Be prepared it will be visible, it is necessary to shake the world a little. It will cause the world to stop and think. But besides this, it is necessary to make sacrifices as much as possible, to help others as far as it is within our abilities, and to fast, especially now before the first secret.

She said that we are obliged to prepare ourselves “She not only asks but begs everyone to convert, to pray, to fast. For those who do not believe, they have no idea of what awaits them and this is why, like their mother, she is in deep distress for them.

It is not enough simply to pray. It is not enough simply and quickly to say a few prayers so that we can say that one has prayed and done one’s duty.What she wants from us is to pray from the bottom of our soul, it is dialogue with God.

Our Lady is constantly reminding us that we must keep watch! Satan is doing everything he can to oppose the plan of the Mother of God and to destroy it. This is why our Heavenly Mother is counting on us today more than ever.