Discover The Masonic Plan to Convert Catholicism into the Religion of the New Order

Source The Forum of Mary

How they intend to change Catholicism to make it the religion of the New World Order.

Fifty years ago, Foster Bailey, a 33rd degree Freemason, occultist and co-founder of Lucis, an organization closely linked to the UN, revealed the key features of a future world government, including a moneyless society based on global socialism. 

The plan for the new world order contains a single world religion that will be led by a coming “Christ,” based on the reformed Catholic religion.

In this revealing exploration, we will discover the surprising connections between Freemasonry, New Age, and the Catholic Church. 

We will unravel the role that Bailey assigned to the Catholic Church in this new global scenario. 

What transformations would be necessary for the Church to fulfill its supposed destiny. 

And how can we discern whether this Masonic vision is currently being fulfilled before our eyes or not.

Foster Bailey wrote in “The Spirit of Freemasonry” that the world government espoused by Freemasonry will promote a single religion, which will be the very heart of the new world order.

As a 33rd degree Mason, he clearly expressed the designs of Freemasonry to subvert the Catholic Church and to achieve this one world religion.

Foster Bailey’s wife was Alice Bailey, co-founder of New Age spirituality, who received instructions from a spirit called Djwal Khul, a Tibetan ascended master. 

Foster had disdain for Christianity, which contrasts with his esteem for Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism.

Why is this? Because Catholicism is more opposed than any other religion to Freemasonry’s idea that we should “be obedient to our own inner spiritual being.”

Catholicism is the religion that is most opposed to the supreme command promoted by the occultist and Satanist Aleister Crowley: “Do what you want.” 

That is why Masons, upon reaching the 30th degree, crush a papal tiara and a crucifix under their feet, swearing to free humanity from the “burden of spiritual tyranny.”

Foster explained that one of the main objectives of Freemasonry is to subvert the current Catholic order of civilization and replace it with an order in which all religions are admitted only as approximations to the truth.

So the Catholic Church is for them the old world order, while the one world religion they promote is the new world order.

Foster was not saying that the change in Catholicism would be a simple difference of degree in what the Catholic Church teaches or how it teaches it, but that it involved a fundamental break with its past.

And that is the position today of modernists regarding the Second Vatican Council.

While John Paul II, and especially Benedict XVI, proposed a reading of the Second Vatican Council in terms of continuity with Catholic tradition, modernists conceive it as a break with the past.

And that is why the persecution of tradition and the Tridentine mass for example.

Along those same lines, Foster Bailey saw the Second Vatican Council as a decisive moment for a large part of the clergy to distance themselves from what he called “useless dogmas.” 

He said that for centuries, the Roman Catholic Church was dominated and controlled by a body of ultra-conservative doctrinaires, who exercised unquestionable power over all cardinals and bishops. 

But John XXIII broke this control already during the first session of the Council. 

And so the Council was a vigorous effort to impose religious indifferentism.

Bailey said it is significant that the Council issued no anathema, condemned no movement, not even communism, and avoided dogmatic statements.

And its results were the subsequent lack of fervor to convert the faithful of other religions or even the recommendation not to do so, the dramatic decrease in religious vocations and the drop in attendance at mass after the Council.

This crumbled the stability that the Church had had since the Council of Trent, that of the Counter-Reformation.

The climate of indifference that the Council fostered was interpreted by Bailey as meaning that “youth are no longer afraid to disobey the Church.” 

And he predicted that from his freedom will emerge a “new attitude toward religion, based on reason and cooperation.”

Foster Bailey predicted that the Church is destined to become the leader of a religious revival.

What does this mean?

That he will be the leader of the one world religion, free of dogma, where everyone is welcome.

This is nothing more than the old strategy of Freemasonry, clearly expressed in the Alta Vendita Permanent Instruction of the Masons of the Italian Carbonaria lodge of 1884, to infiltrate the Church.

Where it was expressed that they sought the destruction forever of the Christian supremacist idea of ​​truth, and that Jesus Christ is the only way to be saved and reach God.

And the method they advocated was that young people infiltrate the seminaries , and that over time they managed to elect a Pope related to the Masonic ideas of religious and basically ecumenist indifferentism.

But in that case, who would actually be ruling in the Vatican that has become the head of the world religion?

Saint Maximilian Kolbe saw the answer when he was a student in Rome in 1917.

He saw the Freemasons marching in St. Peter’s Square celebrating the 400th anniversary of its founding, with a banner that said: “Satan will reign in the Vatican and the Pope will serve him.”

And black banners by Giordano Bruno under the Vatican windows, with Lucifer stepping on the archangel Saint Michael.

However, as scandalous as it may seem to some Catholics, this scenario was also predicted by the Blessed Virgin in a message from the apparition of La Salette, approved by the Church, who in 1846 said “Rome will lose the faith and will become the seat of the antichrist. 

But the Baileys go one step further.

Alice Bailey suggests that Freemasonry will help set the stage for the coming of the one she calls the “Great One.”

Whom Foster Bailey describes as a “great spiritual leader,” who “does not come to save us but to help us save ourselves.”

This is the antichrist, who will deny one of the fundamental beliefs of Christianity, that Jesus Christ is the only way to the Father, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me,” John 14:6.

Foster points out that this coming “Christ” will not consider belief in heaven or hell necessary.

And it will put all religions on the same level.

Its mission will essentially be world peace and international cooperation, establishing good human relations in all areas of human life.

And he said that when the United Nations has acquired real and effective power, then the well-being of the world will be assured.

He established that Christ in his Second Coming, that is, the antichrist that they proclaim, will play his role, not in the darkness as he did previously, but in full view of the world, due to the predominance of radio, television and the speed of communications. .

And Alice Bailey offered a disturbing prediction that Christ will impress the minds of enlightened men throughout the world with spiritual ideas that embody new truths.

Was he talking about new technologies that would impose the mark of the beast?

Well, that’s it, what we wanted to tell you about the role that Foster Bailey assigns to the Catholic Church in the New World Order, so that we can discern if they have managed to put it into motion.

In other words, if the tendency toward religious indifferentism that exists in the Church, the preaching that the most important role of religions is to promote the culture of encounter and the protection of creation, without placing special emphasis on the Salvation of Christ, is part of this Masonic strategy or not.