Medjugorje and The Future of the world – THE FIVE REVELATIONS – “I do see indications That events are already in motion”

Catholic Prophecy expert, Daniel O,Conner writes: “Remember: God allows such evil times as these, and those to come, because He sees the Triumph that will arrive after. Let us likewise keep our eyes on the prize. Even as the storms now brewing burst forth with far greater violence, let us only redouble our Trust in Him.”

The current difficulties gripping mankind, the war in Europe,  the lingering effects of the pandemic, out of control inflation, Gun violence, record gas prices and the threat of nuclear war  have serious people asking if  we are experiencing  a sort of “Warning” and that perhaps today’s events are a sign of the beginning of the Medjugorje Secrets.

Mirjana has made recent statements that seem to hint that we are getting closer and closer.

Here are 5 revelations from Mirjana that speak to the nearness of the secrets.

1. “Our Lady told me many things that I cannot yet reveal. I can only hint at what the future holds, but I do see indications that the events are already in motion”. 

2. “Now is the time to tell my story”. When Mirjana launched her book, she made the statement that it was important to get her story out “Now” presumably without further delay. Her statement seemed to point to a time in the near future when world events would encounter spiritually significant events.

3. Mirjana recently said: “I can not divulge much about the secrets but I can say this, Our Lady is planning on changing the world. She did not come to announce our destruction; she came to save us and with her Son she will triumph over evil. 

4. Mirjana knows the exact date of when the secrets unfold. “Our Lady spoke about the secrets, clarifying the details of how everything would unfold and preparing me for my role. On September 13, 1984, she  told me the date on which I must give details of the first secrets to the priest. This new knowledge eased my distress and gave me strength.


5. ‘The secrets contain many blessings but chastisements for the world as well.”  Father Peter, of Medjugorje,  has been tasked with revealing the secrets to the world when Mirjana is given permission from Our Lady.  In an interview with Radio Maria, the Franscian priest said we are getting closer to the time of the secrets. He said:

 He Said: It can be said that they concern particular events that will happen at a certain time and place. When this will happen we have not yet known, but we have the present that with each passing day, we are getting closer and closer to that moment . The message of every secret will contain this teaching: the life that God has given us, the time we live are gifts from God for us .”