The Madonna of Medjugorje is crying in Italy in the province of Avellino. A miracle is cried out..Local Bishop to Investigate

From the Italian Website/Newspaper

Miracle, or publicity stunt?

So many questions among the citizens of Sperone, in the province of Avellino in Italy

Skepticism and devotion, faith and amazement, disbelief and certainty: there are many states of mind of the people.

The story has spread first locally, now it is widening and crossing the borders of the province of Avellino to create interest at the national level.

A stain, perhaps a tear, of a blood-red color runs down the image of the Madonna of Medjugorje.

For seven years that Madonna is kept in the home of an elderly woman of Sperone, in Via dei Funari.

These days has become a destination for visits by friends, acquaintances and relatives but also many curious, perhaps skeptical.

Nobody doubts the goodness of the story of the lady of Sperone: the image is under glass, in a locked bulletin board, impossible that a staging can be performed.

So, there is something to think about “superior” and for this the Curia Vescovile di Nola, competent for the territory, was interested.

No response was provided by the clergy.

Among the people of the street, for the people, we speak of a miracle.