Medjugorje: “Do not forget the importance of the examination of conscience….Powerful supplication to the Queen of Peace to be recited before sleeping!”

Powerful supplication to the Queen of Peace to be recited before sleeping!

Do not forget the importance of the examination of conscience, every evening, before going to rest. You will know yourself, you will purify your soul, you will prepare yourself for death. Think about how God would judge you if you were to die tonight.


1. Ask God for the grace to know and to always hate sin. Put yourself in the presence of God and thank him for the benefits he has given you on this day. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

2. Think of all the shortcomings committed on this day with thoughts, words, deeds and omissions, paying particular attention to the defect, to which you are more inclined.

3. Petition true heart of all faults; Ask God for forgiveness and try to put yourself in this state where you would like to find yourself at the point of death.

4. Prayer of thanksgiving to God for life and for all that we have.


My God, I repent and grieve with all my heart sins, because by sinning I have deserved your punishments and much more because I have offended you, infinitely good and worthy of being loved above all things. I propose with your holy help not to offend you ever again and to escape the next occasions of sin. Lord, mercy, forgive me. Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory to the Father, Creed, Angel of God, The eternal rest.


Visit, O Father, our home and keep away the snares of the enemy; let the holy angels guard us in peace, and let your blessing always remain with us. For Christ our Lord. Amen.


I adore you, my God, and I love you with all my heart. I thank you for having created me a Christian fact and kept on this day. Forgive me the evil done today, and, if any good I have done, accept it. Guard me in rest and free me from danger.Your grace is always with me and with all my loved ones. Amen.


At the end of the day, or supreme Creator, watch over us in repose with the love of the Father. Give health to the body and fervor to the spirit, your light will light up the shadows of the night. In the sleep of the members the heart remains faithful, and at the return of dawn you sing your praise. May be honor to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, to the triune God and unique in the centuries be glory. Amen.


Eternal and omnipotent Lord, for that precious blood that your Divine Son spread throughout the course of his passion, and especially from the hands and feet on the tree of the cross, free the souls of purgatory from their pains, and before the other , those for which I am more obliged to pray you, or that deserve more our help to have in life professed particular devotion to the pains of Jesus and his afflicted Mother Mary. SUPPLY Holy Father, my Creator and my God, in whose arms I am about to take the rest of this night, I can not close my eyes to sleep without first recommending my loved ones who suffer in Purgatory. My sweet Father, remember that those Souls are your daughters, who have loved you and love You above all things, and amid the sufferings of Purgatory, rather than the liberation from the pains, they long to finally see You and be united to You forever . Please, open your fatherly arms for them, call them to you. In expiation of their sins, accept from me the offering of all the infinite merits of the life, passion and death of Jesus. In this night I intend to repeat this precious offering to every heartbeat of my heart. O Queen of the universe, most holy Virgin Mary, whose admirable power also extends to Purgatory, I pray that among the souls who experience the sweet effects of your maternal protection, there may also be those of my loved ones. I recommend to you for that sword of sorrow that pierced your soul under the cross of the dying Jesus..

Papaboys editorial staff