On June 26, 1981, Our Lady appeared for the third time in Medjugorje. Incredible facts happened that day – Marija even asked. “Is there life on other planets?” The Queen of Peace replied

Medjugorje - Seers
Medjugorje – Seers

An incredible testimony
That day they came not only from the surrounding villages and towns, but also from great distances. They were rewarded by seeing a bright light that illuminated the country and the whole area.

Among the followers was 12-year-old Jozo Ostojic, well known in the area for recently setting a new regional record for the 100m race.

Then he too became a witness of the extraordinary speed with which the visionaries rushed up the hill, as if they had flown or been pulled by an invisible force, just as they did the day before.

What most surprised the young aspiring athlete was Jakov Colo:

“ Jakov was two years younger than me, and not really athletic, I usually manage to run faster than he, detaching him enormously. But that day, I couldn’t even keep up with him. He and the others seemed to be flying up that hill. There was no path, only rocks and thorns, but all six ran at an incredible speed, jumping from rock to rock, making huge leaps. I was running as fast as I could, but I was always lagging behind, and so were the adult men who cheated with me, “testified Jozo Ostojic later.

Another appearance shortly after
When the apparition was over and people were going down the hill, the Virgin Mary suddenly re-appeared to Marija alone. To Vicka, who was walking a little behind Marija, it seemed to have been pushed to the side.

A local man, Ante Kozina, was about 15 meters behind Marija when he suddenly saw her turn to the right, look at the sky, stretch her arms, and kneel. The crowd of people behind her also stopped, motionless. Ten minutes later Marija “returned to this world” and looked up. Her face was wet with tears, and she was unable to stand up to begin with.

“I’m 100 percent sure that something supernatural has happened to that girl,” Ante Kozina testified later.

According to Marija, the experience was “overwhelming”, and immediately convinced her to fully accept the requests of the Virgin Mary.

Marija saw the Virgin in front of an empty cross formed by all the colors of the rainbow. In tears he urged:

” Peace, peace, peace! Be reconciled! Just peace. Make peace with God and among yourselves. For this it is necessary to believe, pray, fast and confess “.
Source: MedjugorjeToday