Medjugorje: Did you know – When Our Lady prays over pilgrims she always pray in her Aramaic language. “Also yesterday Our Lady came joyful and happy and greeted everyone with her usual maternal greeting “Praised be Jesus my dear my children!”. 

14.08.2012 Father Livio interviews the visionary Ivan

FATHER LIVIO: Today we have the grace to have the visionary Ivan with us to tell us about the great experience he has lived for 31 years and we have his friend Krizan who will act as translator. We will have a conversation that can help us better understand the messages of the Madonna. We thank you, Ivan, and I would like you to describe to us how an apparition of Our Lady is, as you have had it in these days.

IVAN: Praised be Jesus Christ! Vicka, Marja and I have the encounter with the Madonna every day. We prepare ourselves with the prayer of the Holy Rosary at 18, every day, praying with all the people who participate, in the Chapel of the Holy Rosary. 

As time approaches, 7 minus 20, I feel more the presence of the Madonna in my heart. The moment I kneel before the altar is the moment when our Heavenly Mother arrives. The first sign of the arrival of the Madonna is a light; after this light, Our Lady comes. It is not like the light we see here on earth: this is a light of Paradise, a piece of Paradise comes to us. 

As soon as Our Lady arrives I no longer see anything in front of me nor around me: I only see you! At that moment I feel neither space nor time. Also yesterday evening Our Lady came particularly joyful and happy and greeted everyone with her usual maternal greeting “Praised be Jesus my dear my children!”. 

In particular, she prayed with her hands stretched out over the sick in the chapel. In every apparition the Madonna prays with her hands stretched over the priests present; she always blesses us all with her maternal blessing and also blesses all the sacred objects that we brought for the blessing. 

At every apparition, I always recommend all people, everyone’s needs and intentions. In recent times, even yesterday evening, Our Lady prays for holiness in families. Always pray in her Aramaic language. 

Then, there is always a private conversation between the two of us. Then the Madonna continues to pray over all those present in the Chapel; then, in prayer she goes in the sign of the Light and the Cross and with the greeting “Go in peace, my dear children!”. 

It is really difficult to describe in words what an encounter with the Madonna is like. The meeting with the Madonna is truly a dialogue between the two of us. I can confess that at every daily meeting Our Lady addresses me with a word, a thought so beautiful that I can live on this word in the next 24 hours. This is what I can say.


FATHER LIVIO: Ivan, how do you feel after the apparition?

IVAN: It is really difficult to communicate this feeling to others with words … It is difficult to convey this joy to others. I say to those who participate in the apparition: “It is difficult to recover and return to this world after a meeting with the Madonna!”. There is always a desire, a hope, during the apparition, and I say in my heart: “Mother, stay a little longer, because it is so nice to be with you!”. Her smile … look at her eyes that are full of Love … I can observe the tears of joy flowing on the face of Our Lady as she looks at all of us in prayer … She wants to get closer to all of us and hug us !. The Love of the Mother is great and very particular! Transmitting this Love with words is really difficult! This peace, this joy that I feel during the apparition of the Madonna accompanies me throughout the day. And when I can’t sleep at night, I think: what will Our Lady tell me next day? I examine my conscience and think about what I did during the day, if my moves were in the will of the Lord, and will Our Lady be happy when I see her tonight? And other things happen to me in preparation for the apparition. The peace, joy and love in which I am immersed during each apparition is the most beautiful thing! The encouragement that the Mother gives me gives me a charge … As I do with the pilgrims, as I transmit the message to them, I can say that with my human strength alone I could not bear if the Madonna did not give me strength every day special.