One thought on “visionary in new message “I see how Satan is making fun of us!”

  • Do you not understand that Putin and Russia are doing exactly what they said they would do, which is to denazify Ukraine? Don’t you understand that the corrupt west has used Ukraine as its playground and that if it established a beachhead there, it would seek to engulf Russia and then also the whole world? That the destruction that you see in the West, in China, in the NATO countries, in the EU, would engulf the whole world…permanently, is what they want. These evil globalists want to depopulate the world. That’s the point of the jab, the economic downturns, the empty store shelves, the purpose is to kill people. War should be over as quickly as possible, and Putin and Russia want it over by the West following Russian demands. It is the West that broke covenant…trucebreaker in Biblical terms. Repeating that…the West broke its word. Repeating that…the West broke its word. The West did not follow the Minsk agreements. Putin and Russia have said…no…no more. Good for them. I am grateful to God for them that they are the only ones in the world that seem to have the courage to stand up to the Deep State and globalists. Everyone else is bribed or blackmailed or succumbs to the false media narrative (the false prophet). If you know where to find the news, there are reporters (other than liars in the US) who have actually followed up with facts. These honest reporters say that the things said about Russia are lies. In WWII, Churchill said to the British that “I have nothing to offer you but blood, sweat, and tears.” That was supposed to be an inspirational statement to keep them going in a war against the Nazis. Repeating that…against the Nazis…in other words, denazify. Now, when Putin and Russia seek to denazify Ukraine, they are villified. Why the change? Putin and Russia alone are standing against the globalists and some of the world is waking up to that but some of the world does not yet see it, because they can’t admit they were wrong and because they have too much invested in lies. One day, Putin and Russia will be honored for stopping the corrupt Deep State (that was responsible for the Ukrainian coup in 2014). Right now, there are too many people who have “face to lose” if they admit they were wrong about Russia. Russia has been a convenience for many, politically and prophetically. “Russia, Russia, Russia” is the cry when the corruption and evil it cannot be explained any other way. I thank God for the courageous men in Russia, who are doing what men in other nations don’t have the courage to do.

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