The Akita Prophecy: The hidden 3rd secret of Fatima? “They were stern words”

Beginning in 1973, in Akita, Japan, the Virgin Mary appeared to Sister Agnes Sasagawa with a special message SHe wanted revealed to the world.

The Akita message, approved by the Catholic Church, details a troubling future where God the Father will punish the world with terrifying chastisements for the sins of man.

There are Catholic theologians who consider Akita’s prophecy as, in fact, the so-called “Hidden Fourth Secret” of Fatima.

“Previously I had been addressed as “My daughter, my novice”.

This time Mother Mary said “My loving daughter”

Her voice was very serious.


“My loving daughter. Listen carefully to what I am going to say now and tell your superior about it.

As I previously told you, if people don’t repent, the Father will visit a great punishment on humanity.

At this time the Father must give a  punishment  heavier than the flood and more severe than before.

A fire will come down from Heaven and due to the disaster many will die.

Good people together with bad people, priests together with the faithful will die,

Survivors will have such hardship that they will envy the dead.

At that time the only weapon left to us will be the rosary and the sign of my Son.

Pray the rosary everyday. Pray for bishops and priests with the rosary.

The devil will infiltrate the Church. Cardinals will oppose Cardinals Bishops will be against Bishops.

The priests who revere me will be despised and attacked by their colleagues.

Churches and altars will be desecrated. The Church will be filled with those who accept compromise.

The devil will lead many priests and religious to resign their calling.

Especially the  devil is working on souls who are consecrated to the Father.

The loss of so many souls is My distress.

There will be no forgiveness if sins continue.

Have the courage to tell your superior about this.

Your superior will call everyone to pray hard, telling them to strive with devotions of prayer and reparations. 


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