A Peaceful Video about the 10 secrets … A good reminder that we are living in a “time of Grace.”

Our Lady, Mary recently is talking about the 10 secrets to the seers, remember that we are living in a time of grace, a lot of evidence of a sincere conversion are known to the whole world, we can say that graces fall down from heaven, the Lord gives abundant graces, gives his own Spirit to the humble but resists the proud. When messages cease to be given, but no one knows exactely when this will happen, we believe relatively soon, in the next few years, every day that goes by that moment is approaching and we will enter in the period of the secrets, thereby to the seventh seal of Revelation will be open. Let’s grasp the importance of her coming and the seriousness of the situation. When the true ark that alliance will open then all we realize as we followed the deceitful serpent during our earthly life. This is still the favorable time for our personal conversion, prayer with the heart and know God intimately on this earth. Message of December 23, 1982 All the secrets that I told you will be realized, even the visible sign will manifest, but do not expect this sign to satisfy your curiosity. This, before of the visible sign, it is a time of grace for believers. Therefore repent, and deepen your faith! When will be the visible sign, for many it will be too late. Medjugorje message of April 14, 1982 You must know that Satan exists. He one day presented himself before the throne of God and has asked the permission to test the Church for a certain period with the intention of destroying it. God allowed Satan to bring the Church to the test for a century, but he added: You will not destroy! This century in which you live is under the power of Satan, but when the secrets that have been given to you will be realized, his power will be destroyed. Already now he begins to lose its power and therefore it has become even more aggressive: it destroys marriages, raises dissension among the consecrated souls, because obsessions, causes murders. Protect yourself therefore with fasting and prayer, especially with the community prayer. Bring blessed objects on you and place them also in your homes. And resume the use of holy water! Plese Note that the great German mystic Catherine Emmerich (1774-1824) prophesied with a certain approximation, “I heard that Lucifer-if I’m not wrong- will be left for a short time 50 or 60 years before the 2000

Also, I found this ,“comment” left on the Youtube page:
Mary gave me a gift one day that I will never forget. On mothers day, I put 3 eyelet flowers on a small statue of Her. She is holding a rose in her hands. The next day, the eyelet flower that is in the middle took the form of the rose. And today, 2015, 5 years have passed and the two side eyelet flower is dry up but the one in the middle is still intact, in a form of a rose, the same one in Her hands. Since that miracle I understood that it is the “love” of Mary for Us that counts. I still pray Jesus today and I love his Mother. There is no devil or anything malice about all of this….Have Faith !Show less