Mirjana: “Our Lady appeared in Medjugorje in response to the prayers of John Paul II” ….Oct 22, is Saints “Feast Day”

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Originally Published at La Luce Di Maria

In an interview published at the Christian Information Site ‘PapaBoys3.0’, the visionary Mirjana spoke of her encounter with Pope John Paul II. On that day, the mystic was on a visit to the Vatican with a delegation of faithful from the Bosnian village, the pontiff was passing through the faithful to bless them all and when he came to her, a man at his side said to the Holy Father: “This is Mirjana of Medjugorje, “so John Paul II came back and blessed him a second time.

The following day the visionary was invited to the Vatican for a private interview with the pope, Mirjana felt shy, for she felt she was in front of a saint: “I can say I have been with a holy man. Because of how he looked, how he behaved he saw that he was a holy man. He said to me: ‘If I were not Pope I would have already come to Medjugorje. I know everything. I follow everything. Keep Medjugorje well, because it is hope all over the world. Ask pilgrims to pray for my intentions. “

According to Mirjana, therefore, the pontiff believed in the apparitions of Our Lady, but the visionary would never have expected that the apparitions actually began in response to a prayer by Wojtyla himself.

To confess this secret was a friend of the Holy Father who, shortly after his death, went to Medjugorje in search of a healing: “He presented himself to me and told me that a month before the apparitions began in Medjugorje the Pope she asked kneeling to Our Lady to come back to earth. He said, ‘I can not do it alone. There is the Berlin Wall; there is communism. I need you’. He  was very devoted to the Madonna. After more or less a month they told him that Madonna was appearing in a communist state, in a small country. He saw this as a response to his prayer. “

After picking up that secret, the interviewer asks Mirjana why the Madonna appears to be the poor places, and she replies that she can explain why she did not appear in Italy: “I think that if it appeared to the Italians it would have escaped on the third day. Because you always ask, “Why, why, why?” It is not the first time that Medjugorje’s visionaries point out that Italian pilgrims have a tremendous need for confirmation that their faith needs to be continued. Just in connection with this aspect of the Italian faithful, the interviewer speaks to the visionary of a man who lost his faith following a tragic incident: a bus full of faithful returning from a pilgrimage to Petralcina crashed into a flyover and the faithful are dead.

The man wondered why God had allowed such a tragedy to people returning from a sacred place, so the journalist turned to Mirjana’s question, “Only God knows why it happened. Do you know what they said when it happened? They said, ‘How lucky to die after a pilgrimage,’ “he adds,” But do you know where we are wrong? We think we will live forever. No one will live forever. Every moment can be that where God calls us. Because life passes. It’s just a passage. You must earn your life with God. When you will call … Our Lady said in a message: ‘When God will call you he will ask for your life. What will you tell him? How were you? ‘ Only that is important. When I’m in front of God and He will ask me about my life What will I tell you? What will I tell you? How was I? How much love did I have? Her husband says he has lost faith in this disgrace. When a person says these things he has never felt the love of God, because when you hear the love of God, nothing can turn you away from God. Why is it that God becomes your life to you and who can turn you away from your life? I die for God. I as a child of 15 years was ready to die for God. That is faith. “

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