In “Biblical” scene on Vicka’s porch the woman possessed with a fierce demon was a particularly hard case writes Fr. Armoth (r.i.p) in his last book

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A mother of a family, from a Sicilian village, has been suffering for several years because she is suffering from diabolical possession. Her name is Assunta. Some of his family members also appear to have physical disorders caused by Satan’s revenge. After some years of pilgrimages to various doctors, who find the Assumption very healthy, the suffering knocks on the door of her bishop.

The latter, having examined the case, entrusted it to an exorcist , who was helped by a prayer group who prayed and fasted to obtain a successful outcome. I too, seeing the exorcisms, realize that this is a very serious case, so I propose to her husband to take his wife to Medjugorje. After some hesitation (in that family no one knew the facts of Medjugorje) the decision is taken and we leave.

We arrive on Sunday 26 July 1987. Assunta already feels ill as soon as she puts her feet on the ground, getting out of the car. Father Ivan, the superior of the Franciscans, gives us no hope of help: especially in the summer their work is exhausting . I propose to take Assunta to church; I think the devil has no intention of manifesting himself.

The next day we climb the Podbrdo, the Apparition Hill, reciting the rosary.Nothing special happens here either. Coming down, we stop in front of Vicka’s house, where there are already many people. I also have time to tell Vicka that we have a possessed woman named Assunta. And it is Assunta who immediately runs towards Vicka and embraces her, bursting into tears. Vicka caresses her on the head. The demon manifests himself in this gesture : he cannot tolerate the hand of the visionary. Assunta throws herself to the ground, screaming in an unknown language. Vicka takes her hand gently and recommends to those present, bewildered: “Don’t cry, but pray “.

All pray with strength

All pray strongly, young and old; they intertwine in various languages ​​because the pilgrims come from different nations; it’s a biblical scene . Vicka sprinkles Assunta with holy water and then asks her if she feels better. The woman signals yes with her hand. We think it has freed itself and we exchange looks of joy. The devil hunts out a frightening scream : he had finished leaving because we stopped praying. We continue with more order, intoning the rosary. A gentleman raises his hands and holds them towards Assunta’s shoulders, but from a distance;the devil does not resist that gesture, so Assunta screams and writhes; it is necessary to hold her because she would like to lash out against that man. A tall, blond, blue-eyed young man intervenes, struggling with the devil with great strength. I just understand that it requires him to submit to Jesus Christ, but it is all a tight dialogue, in English; Assunta does not know English, yet she argues animatedly.

Father Amorth

They call the Loreto litanies

At the invocation “Queen of Angels” the demon hunts a tremendous scream; it takes eight people to hold Assunta. We repeat the invocation several times, in an increasingly high tone, with the participation of all those present. It’s the strongest moment. Then Vicka comes up to me: “We have been praying for three hours already. It’s time to take her to church >> . An Italian who knows English repeats to me a phrase from the devil: he said that they are present in twenty demons. Let’s go to church and Assunta is admitted to the chapel of the apparitions . There p. Slavko and p. Felipe pray about her , until nineteen. Then they all go out and we return to twenty-one; in the chapel of the first apparitions the two priests still pray until twenty-three. We also know that Assunta spoke in various languages. We are given an appointment for the following afternoon; it’s a very hard case.

From Father Jozo

The following morning we go to Fr. Jozo who, after mass, lays his hands on Assunta’s head; the demons do not resist this gesture and react violently.Father Jozo has Assunta taken to church: it must be dragged with great force.There are many people; the father takes the opportunity to make a catechesis on the existence of the devil. Then he prays and sprinkles Assunta with holy water several times; the reactions are very violent.

We must return to Medjugorje; p. Jozo has time to tell us that we need to encourage Assunta to collaborate: she is too passive, she cannot help herself. At thirteen p. Slavko and p. Felipe resume praying in the rectory. After an hour we are called to collaborate with our prayers; we are told that demons have become very weak, but full membership of Assunta is needed. While we pray, we try to make the name of Jesus utterly unhappy; he tries, but seems to be suffering from suffocation symptoms.

It’s free!

The crucifix is ​​placed on her chest and suggested to deny any kind of magic and spell (it is a decisive step in such cases). Assunta nods; was what we wanted.Prayer continues until Assunta is able to pronounce the name of Jesus, then the Ave Maria begins. At this point it bursts into tears. It’s free! We go out to go to church; we are told that Vicka felt bad at the very moment Assunta was released; he was praying for this.

Assunta was in the front row in the church. He followed the rosary and the mass with fervor; he had no difficulty communicating. This is an important test.Five years later I can confirm that the release was radical. Now that mother is a living witness in God’s mercy and is one of the most active members of the group.He does not hesitate to say that his liberation was a triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Source: book “New stories of an exorcist”

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