Medjugorje: Vicka has One Secret Only for Her … Ivan has Three

Medjugorje : Vicka talks about the 10 secrets to Father Janko.

In the book-interview of Father Janko, the visionary Vicka speaks freely about what was happening in those days in Medjugorje. Among other things, she spends words on the Secrets that Our Lady has entrusted to her.

Janko: Vicka, every time we talk about the apparitions of Our Lady, we usually talk about some of her secrets. This was also true of Medjugorje.

Vicka: I did not know anything about this. I do not know if you can believe me, that I knew nothing of the apparitions of Our Lady in Lourdes, while I had been meeting with her for more than a year, in Podbrdo and in Medjugorje. I could sing and sing “It is the hour that pays” [the song of Lourdes], but I had no idea what it was. And to be honest, I do not want to hear a single word about the secrets of Our Lady, except those of Medjugorje, if you’re interested in something.

Janko: Of course I’m interested. I have tried many times to penetrate its meaning, but all this has remained for me a whole mystery.

Vicka: What can I do? Mysteries are mysteries.

Medjugorje: Vicka talks about the 10 secrets to Father Janko.

Janko: I think you are far too closed about this.

Vicka: You can think about what you want. I know what I am allowed to say and what I am not allowed to do.

Janko: It’s fine. As far as I could understand, do not even talk to each other about the Nedei Secrets sign.

Vicka: Little or nothing.

Janko: Why? When I ask you something, for example if it is Our Lady who has forbidden you, you simply pretend not to hear what I ask of you.

Vicka: We do not really feel it! Then we do not want to talk about this and that’s it.

Janko: Why?

Vicka: Go ahead if you still have something.

Janko: Tell me first of all how many secrets Our Lady promised to confide in you.

Vicka: You know that for sure. But I repeat it to you: he told us that he would reveal ten secrets to us.

Janko: To each of you are you?

Vicka: As far as I know, to everyone.

Janko: These secrets are the same for everyone?

Vicka: Yes and no.

Janko: In what sense?

Medjugorje: Vicka talks about the 10 secrets to Father Janko.

Vicka: It’s like this: the main secrets are the same. But it may be that someone has some secret that concerns him personally.

Janko: Do you have one of these secrets?

Vicka: Yes, one. This only concerns me.

Janko: Do the others have secrets like that too?

Vicka: I do not know this. It seems to me that there is Ivan.

Janko: I know, because I have said, that Mirjana, Ivanka and Maria have none. I do not know for little Jakov; he did not want to answer this question. Ivan, on the other hand, once told me that he has three that only concern him.