Medjugorje: “The bishops, archbishops and cardinals from Rome have discovered an unknown and hidden reality”



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Archbishop Henryk Hoser said: 
“Apparitions are not a requirement for the worship of Mary, nor are apparitions a cult object. The Medjugorje phenomenon is not recognized. It is good to be patient. “

In the studies of Radio Mir in Medjugorje, Archbishop Mons. Henryk Hoser, Apostolic visitor to the parish of Medjugorje, and Archbishop Mons. Luigi Pezzuto, Apostolic Nuncio in Bosnia and Herzegovina talked about their impressions of Mladifesta, but also sent their messages to the pilgrims who come to Medjugorje. 
Dragan Soldo interviewed them and Marija dugandžić translated

The Apostolic Nuncio L. Pezzuto: 
The first reaction and the first thing I have to say is that the bishops, archbishops and cardinals from Rome and other places, their first reaction was a surprise. They discovered an unknown reality that was often hidden. They were very touched by the atmosphere at the Youth Festival, for the enthusiasm and joy that the young people showed.

“We are already considering how to involve the bishops in the universal Church but also their lay people and priests, in organizing their youth in their dioceses at the Youth Festival in Medjugorje, and for all the pilgrimages. We must get to the point that the bishops are the ones who will organize the pilgrimages of their believers to Medjugorje and that there is a true Marian devotion, which should be Christocentric. “

Prayer is the heart of everything

“My view on this year’s youth festival is very positive. I must also say that I am very optimistic and very positive about the response of these young people to the contents offered and to catechesis. For example, the Festival officially ended on Monday, but thousands also attended Mass on Križevac Tuesday and it was crowded.


I was in BiH for six years and I was familiar with the Youth Festival, I knew it, not because I participated. It’s only my second time at the Youth Festival, but in the contacts I have with the monks who work here, I met the Youth Festival. With the advent of the apostolic visitor, one must enter another course in a pastoral sense. This is not an isolated thing, an event, but an event that must be incorporated into all the pastoral care of the parish of Medjugorje.

Everything awakens the hearts of young people, children, adults … And it is pastoral and what was very important this year is the opening by the Church. Previously, it was more a private matter and limited to this area. Now, really, it’s not anymore. So actually, it shouldn’t be any more, “said Msgr. Pezzuto, and with him he was an apostolic visitor with a special role for the parish of Medjugorje, Archbishop Henryk Hoser, who said that all those present at the Youth Festival “felt they were breathing the universal Church”. 
“And it is not only a question of the universal scope of the Church at the general level, but above all of the young people who have come here, full of hope of joy and joy. And this Youth Festival has confirmed its quality, both in terms of dynamics and contents. It was something that kept growing. I mean not only at an organizational level but also at a substantial level. The program of the Youth Festival is spiritual. We have seen these thousands of young people standing on that plateau in front of the church for hours.

They listened to testimonies, experiences, prayers, followed by the Rosary and Holy Mass as the focal point of the whole program. For hours and hours they sat and sometimes danced to practice, to be able to continue in prayer and to see a profound delight in them, and that they were satisfied. It’s not just about the young people and the people who are physically present here, but thanks to the media we have had almost three million people watching the Youth Festival via live streaming and television. And I want to emphasize one more thing: the presence of church pastors among the faithful who have been here. During the Youth Festival, pastors, cardinals, archbishops and bishops were in Medjugorje, and among them were three representatives of the Holy See. And in short, I can only say that we are all really happy because the Youth Festival has a global dimension, “said Archbishop Hoser, conveying the thoughts of church dignitaries who participated in the Youth Festival in Medjugorje..

‘The first reaction and the first thing I have to say is that bishops, archbishops and cardinals from Rome and other places, that their first reaction was a surprise. They discovered an unknown reality that was often hidden. They were very touched, sensitized by the atmosphere that was at the Youth Festival, by the enthusiasm and joy shown by the young people. They were fascinated by the skill of young people and they told me that they had noticed that they had stayed to remain in complete silence, and these were young people who constantly lived in noise, with earphones in their ears. And what touched cardinals and bishops was how young people reacted to catechesis. You had the impression that they were sitting in silence, getting bored because there was absolute silence, and then when they finished they explode in applause, which means that they followed.

the vicar of the Pope Angelo De Donatis will open the Youth Festival

Everyone noted two details of Medjugorje.

The first one we talked about before is confessions. The 700 priests present were engaged in confession. During the day they confessed for hours. Another very powerful aspect is adoration. Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and the Sacrament of the Cross, since these are liturgical practices that have almost disappeared with confession in the world. And the third aspect they have noticed is the prayer of the Rosary. This is where the Rosary prays in this place. The Rosary is considered a prayer of elderly women in many countries and here we see young people with a rosary in hand, said Msgr. Hoser and the testimony of faith in Medjugorje also touched Archbishop Pezzut.

“An aspect that must be evaluated today in the Church is the aspect of witness. I see young people as a formation, a preparation for testimony, but also as a practical testimony.It is not just a matter of teaching someone how to become a witness, but also of allowing the possibility of living that testimony in practice. It is a formation that takes place at a mental, spiritual and prayer level.

The entire Medjugorje is a church

Here in this place, therefore, one learns, a man is prepared for testimony, but he is also given the opportunity to testify there. You understand that this result can only be achieved if done in two. If both sexes are active. What are the two sexes? On the one hand, they are priests, those who profess, those who preach, speak with people … and the other sex are generally believers, in this case young. If we are talking about the priest in an abstract way, this is one thing, and it is another thing if we are talking about a priest who is active, active and in contact with believers. While a priest is trained in seminary and theology during this period, he tries to understand what it means to be a priest and, when pastoral activity begins, he lives his reality: being a priest. I saw these two sexes that we talked about at this Youth Festival. Did you notice last night when it was a mission, the priests went down and entered among the young, praying over them, and on the other hand, did we see this mass that seemed to open up to accept those outstretched arms that were praying over them? Why all this and why did we do everything? This act was important both for the priest and for the faithful. The gesture told believers and priests that you must now go to testify. The testimony that has been heard and given in these days has not been given only in the area of ​​the church, on the external altar, but throughout the parish of Medjugorje.

Someone told me that the whole parish of Medjugorje, the whole place has become a church, when I say church, so I think that because of all that was happening there was a holy space where people pray and where God meets. Nowadays the streets were a church because we saw people walking in the streets with a rosary in their hands, “concluded the apostolic nuncio to the Archbishop of Bosnia and Herzegovina Luigi Pezzuto, while Archbishop Henryk Hoser declared that” The Manifesto sends a message to all humanity “.

The beauty of the liturgy at the Festival

“This is an intense moment of training. The formations of intelligence of the heart and this form of formation offered here, the lessons, the catechesis offered at the service of the word were not intended only for those present here but for the whole world, and all the participants underlined the quality of the catechesis they have listened to here in Medjugorje. The festival also shows the beauty of the liturgy. There are some elements involved in the liturgy that touch you … They are touching … For example, a hundred-meter-long canvas filled with the prayers of the young, painted it and then was exposed and placed in front of the altar at the beginning of the Mass. The beauty of the liturgy is emphasized for its music and its song. And I mean that the music of the international choir and orchestra is of high quality. The choir and the orchestra together when they form a whole, follow the prayer. And to do some exercise, these young people who sit still for hours use a musical animation. Movements and gestures accompanied by song and choir, and it is not a question of gymnastics.

Show that the value of the festival and what must be emphasized is that it was a great, great contribution and involvement of the people who organized everything. For example, volunteers are young people belonging to the Franciscan youth of the parish of Medjugorje who are doing a huge, enormous job to help organize everything that is there. The media contribution is extraordinary. And what is really important is the technical service. Service that is not visible from the outside and is very important. And what remains to be emphasized is the contribution of the parishioners who, with love and generosity, do their best to welcome the people who come here in their homes generously. Our parishioners in Medjugorje are also aware that they are also responsible for the course and the fruits of pilgrimages and pilgrims throughout the year. The Youth Festival is a manifestation of unity. They come from all over the world, from many people, cultures and languages, and they all feel like family here. The festival also unites the parishioners, the parish. Thank you for all that has been and is happening, because many pilgrims say that there is a presence here … Someone who is present but not visible. The visit of the pilgrims to the parish of Medjugorje, said Archbishop Henryk Hoser, is very much appreciated.

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  • I think it was meant to say honor Mary…not worship. We only worship God, while we honor Mary.

  • its only popular because a lot of hype is there ,how can the church authorize utter hype and say its because of the so called apparitions which anyone with a small bit of intelligence would see its driven by money ,lies and greed from these so call visionary’s.I am surprised at the Archbishop there as I gave him before he went there some bit of intelligence but now he has joined the FRAUD SQUAD I am afraid pity he was once honest.

    The real man with his hand on the pulse and true to the church was the Bishop of Mostar well done Bishop my hat off to you but the Archbishop now GOD HELP US.

  • Ok. Your first paragraph stated “worship of Mary”. You KNOW there is no worship of Mary. Please fix that. I can’t read any more of this article until you correct that.

  • Archbishop Henryk Hoser said:
    “Apparitions are not a requirement for the worship of Mary, nor are apparitions a cult object.

    I’m surprised that an Archbishop thinks Catholics worship Mary. No wonder why so many Protestants think this.

    • its a translation issue

  • You are the one who has joined the fraud . The bishop of Mostar doesn’t believe in Lourdes or Fatima either. Clearly you are judging the visionaries by false rumors about them.

  • What can you say about lvan the fraud comment who has never been to Medjugorje & lacks the holy spirit, pray for that person!

  • I only serve the LORD MOST HIGH, and you all should too.
    You ought to know that what you are doing is worshiping an idol, cause no one ever appeared to no one no where .
    You know them right you are lying and that false worshiping is going to take all to the unquench burning fire in hell.
    Repent of your idolatry, you brood of vipers

  • Really upset by his “…. not a requirement to worship Mary,” from a bishop!
    Ok, I know the apparitions will be recognised by the Church as the Gospa Herself said so but at the same time, I really don’t want bishops and representatives of Vatican to take over that place. Medjugorje is been doing well without their involvement.

    Why should bishops be the ones to organize pilgrimages? Very soon, some messages from the Virgin Mary will not be authorized to be published because they might ” offend ” the rebelious so dear to these bishops. Very soon some teachings will not be authorized for the same reason and then we will end up with the rainbow flag planted on the top of one of the hills there. We all know what their pastoral care mean.

    When they organized the youth synod, they were not interested by the kind of youth who listen to the Virgin Mary, no, the only ones who have the right to raise their voices were those who want an ” inclusive Church” ie open to lgtb ie normalization of the homosexuality in the RCC. When you think that those from Canada were selected by Rosicca!
    Sorry, I really don’t trust these bishops and definitely not the Vatican.

  • The opening quote is very negative and misleading- use of words worship, cult. Why? Our Lady of Medjugorje, Pray for us.

  • Look in to people who allegedly saw virgin Mary, Mirjana Dragičević im particular. She earned vast amount of money on alleged seeing, she built apartmana all over Međugorje and earns alot of money, she was asked by reporters about her villa on island Hvar (coz she illegally reconstructed the beach in front of it) and she said she doesn’t know that she owns that villa (plain lie) and that’s the person you believe she saw virgin mary, it is a lie.

  • The people who allegedly saw virgin mary, gathered vast amount of money on that “apparition”. You should look in to one person in particular, Marijana Dragičević. For starters she has couple of “Villas” or “apartmants” close to the hill they say they saw the Mary. That part of the town locals call “Beverly Hills”. Lately Marijana Dragičević is in Croatian news papers because she illegaly rebuilt beach in front of one of her other villas on island of Hvar. After she was confronted by the reporters about those illegal actions in front of her property, she said “What villa? I don’t own any villa” and of course, reporters checked and it was clearly a lie and the villa is actually hers. So… judge for yourself, she earned so much money off of this and then has guts to lie. Don’t fall to these lies.

  • Do not judge or you will be judged. We know them by their fruits. And this commandment I give you. Love one another as I have loved you. Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. Have we forgotten the words of Jesus? God is merciful God is love. If you say you love God and hate your brother you are a liar. We all nailed Jesus to the cross not just the hypocrites. We are all saved by grace alone. The worst form of pride is spiritual pride. Let us not play God with one another but rather love one another and being an example by living the gospel and not just preaching it. God bless you. Our Lady Queen of Peace pray for us.

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