Medjugorje: Diego Manetti, renowned Mariologist and author of the book “Why the Madonna appears ” says: “We know 7 secrets concern terrible punishments…but punishment is not a product of God, but it is what man is producing himself.”

Medjugorje – “Some secrets can be changed …”

Diego Manetti, internationally renowned mariologist and author of the book of the Compass ” Why the Madonna appears “, explains in an interview with La Nuova Bussola Quotidiano the ten secrets of Medjugorje.

HIS WORDS – “ We know that the seven secrets that go from the fourth to the tenth, concern terrible punishments. Where punishment is not a product of God, but it is what man is producing by himself, rejecting God and sowing the hatred he carries in his heart wounded by sin. We know that these seven secrets must come true, but we also know that they can be modified in intensity with prayer and fasting, so much so that Vicka and Mirjana have already said that the seventh secret has been slightly mitigated. But the most important thing of all, however, is that we realize that Our Lady is giving us a time of grace so that we can hurry and convert immediately!

Blessed Virgin Mary of Fatima
Blessed Virgin Mary of Fatima

As in Fatima, Our Lady has always urged conversion in Medjugorje . With one difference: to make men understand that it is absolutely necessary to “convert now”, Our Lady in Medjugorje multiplied her messages and added a striking detail: the secrets will be revealed three days before their occurrence, so that even the most skeptical and unbelievers will have the opportunity to convert and believe . “


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