Fr. Mark Goring “Heaven will not be boring!!… The splendor and wonder will be unimaginable.”


Comment from You tube

I trust God that heaven will have untold wonders. Sometimes when I read prophesies like those of Fatima and hear about the visions some of the saints had of so many souls falling into hell and so few being saved, I worry that I might not make it to heaven. I worry especially about my sins of omission–that I haven’t born enough good fruit for God because of spending so many years away from the faith. I don’t mind if I am the lowliest soul in heaven, I wiill be grateful just to make it there, into the smallest corner, where I lie prostrate and just be allowed in His presence to worship Him. I cannot bear the thought of being changed into some kind of hateful creature in hell that can no longer love God but only curse and rage at Him eternally. I have a lot of hope, though, because of of God’s great mercy and promises, and because I believe Jesus loves us so much. He is fiercely determined not to lose a single soul that can be saved. Purgatory is a GREAT mercy to sinners.

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