The advice of the visionary Mirjana on how to Prepare for the time of secrets

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Hail Mary Father Livio,

In these passages from the book “My heart will triumph”, Mirjana tells how to prepare for the time of secrets.. . 

 “They ask me how I can bear the weight of secrets, but I often think that it is others, more than me, who are worried about them. Those who are worried about secrets have not seen Our Lady and do not know God’s whole plan – why Our Lady comes here or what she is preparing us for. But if your life is in her hands and God is in your heart, what can harm you? If they knew me and saw how much I like to laugh and joke, they would no longer be afraid of secrets.

Anyone who truly knows the love of God should be filled with joy. There’s no point in talking about the future when one of us could die tomorrow. Our Lady always reminds us of this in her messages, like when she said: “My children, your life is just a heartbeat compared to eternal life” . I can’t reveal much about the secrets, but I can say this: Our Lady has decided to change the world. She did not come to announce our destruction; she came to save us and with her, her son, she will triumph over evil. If our Mother promised to defeat evil, what should we be afraid of?…

…Why be afraid of what could happen tomorrow if we don’t even know what will happen in an hour? The only thing to fear is sin, which separates us from God. The fear of the future and the fear of secrets ruin the already limited time we live on this earth. Your future could end today. We should appreciate life while it lasts.

Our Lady, therefore, by telling us that Medjugorje would be the completion of Fatima and that her heart would triumph, had given us a message of hope, not a sad message. She reminded us that when we walk with Her we have nothing to worry about. But even now people ask me how to prepare for the time of secrets: should they stock up on food? Moving to the countryside and making a living from agriculture? Buy a gun to protect yourself? I reply like this: “Yes, you must get a weapon and use it often” and at that point I show my Rosary. “This is the only weapon you need. But it only works if you use it.”


Dear Massimo,

the serenity with which Mirjana talks about the secrets is obviously due to the fact that she sees the Madonna and has listened to her words of encouragement and hope. If she had not seen the Madonna, but had seen the scenario of some secret, she would probably also be in our situation of fear of the future.

Father Janko Bubalo says he asked Vicka why she turned pale during the apparition, the visionary replied: “You would have turned white too if you had seen what I saw” (it was the eighth secret).

Secrets are not trifles, but are permitted by God to change the world which, otherwise, would continue its race towards hell.

They also serve to change the Church which, as Saint John Paul II stated in Fulda, can only renew itself with great persecution, as has already happened in the past.

The visionaries know all the secrets, except Vicka, Ivan and Marija who for now only know nine, but they all face the future with serenity, despite being fathers and mothers and even grandfathers and grandmothers.

We too can do the same thing with trust in Mary our Mother, who has assured us of her blessing for us, our children and our children’s children.

Those who will be afraid in those days will be those who have hindered Our Lady, denying her presence and mocking her messages.

The appointment is with the first secret, right in Medjugorje, which will shake the apathy of the present moment and reveal the thoughts hidden in the hearts.

Ave Maria

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