5 simple tips to make every day holy, not just this one today  …To forget # 4 is like to forget the head of the body when one leaves the door.


Life is busy. We are prey to a continuous pull and spring because of the various duties – family, work, community. It seems never to end, and when we go to Mass on Sunday we are reminded of our failure to live every day on the basis of divine inspiration. We forget to pray and life never leaves us a breather.


What should we do to stop life from leaking to the side?

Here are five simple suggestions that can help a tired soul to “claim” each day and dedicate it to God.

Holiness is much easier to achieve if we stop putting so much pressure on ourselves and simply open our hearts every day in small ways.

1. Pray immediately after awakening 
St. Josemaría Escrivá called him the “heroic minute”, and wrote that “many good Christians develop the habit of offering the first thought of the day to God. The ‘heroic minute’ follows, which facilitates the morning offer and the good start of the day.It’s time to get up. Without hesitation. A supernatural reflection and … standing. The heroic minute: this is a mortification that strengthens your will and does not damage your body. If, with God’s help, you conquer yourself, you will be fine for the rest of the day. It is so discouraging to be defeated by the first skirmish … “

It is an extremely simple way to start your day on the right foot, but also one of the hardest.

2. Plan five minutes for prayer in your day 
Once again nothing transcendental, but it is something that we forget too often. The important part is planning time for prayer. It can be five minutes, 15 or even 30. In any case, the key is to establish that moment in your daily schedule and not allow anything to touch it. You can do it at work or at home (or on the street). Program it and make it a recurring moment every day.

3. Recite the “Prayer of Jesus” 
Another way to insert God into your daily life is to recite the short “Prayer of Jesus”. The Catechism describes this ancient prayer in this way: “This extremely simple invocation of faith has been developed, in the tradition of prayer, under various forms in the East and in the West. The most common formulation, transmitted by the monks of Sinai, Syria and Athos, is the invocation: ‘Jesus, Christ, Son of God, Lord, have mercy on us, sinners!’ It combines the Christological hymn of ⇒ Phil 2: 6-11 with the invocation of the publican and the beggars of light. Through it the heart enters into harmony with the misery of men and with the mercy of their Savior “(CCC 2667).

Constantly praying this prayer is a great way to meditate on the beauty and mercy of God. It only takes a few seconds, but it gives a great spiritual boost!

4. Bring a rosary with you wherever you go 
There is no need to recite the Rosary, as long as you carry it in your purse or pocket. It might seem strange, but it can be a source of inspiration or consolation during the day. You could put your hand in your pocket to get the keys and take out a rosary instead, or you could rummage through the bag and find the rosary. It is a simple reminder of God and can make you remember to pray the moment you need God most. The Rosaries were the first “spinner”!

5. Pray before going to bed 
If you have begun your day with God, the only way to end it is with God. Prayers at bedtime should not be complex, and generally revolve around thanks – be grateful for what God has given us in that day and decide to do better the next day.Many saints have made various changes to the ritual before sleep and have all benefited greatly from it. 

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