Man Rescued by Three Dogs on Apparition Hill

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By Terry – a Mystic Post fan

I have an amazing story. I went to Medjugorje right out of high school for Christmas 1987. Once we got settled a few of us climbed apparition hill around midnight to thank Our Lady for a safe trip. As we were leaving I decided to stay and pray alone on the hill.

My group leader really tried to twist my arm into not staying alone. Of-course being a big guy, I was staying. She asked if I knew my way back down the hill and I said yes. After I said my rosary and started to climb down the hill, I got totally lost and stuck in some briar bushes. I just looked up into the heavens and said “now what?”.

I was stuck on the side of a hill in a communist country. Out of nowhere three large dogs showed up. At first, I was scared but then they started nipping at my legs. If was as if they were telling me to follow them-which I did. They not only led me down the hill but took me right to the house where I was staying (no hotels at that time). I am absolutely sure that they were angels in disguise. As I told this story around the village, many villagers confirmed a trio of dogs that appear to help people when they are in need—otherwise no one knows where they stay.

Then when I was in Birmingham, Alabama while the visionary Maria was there to donate a kidney to her brother, I was standing right outside of the house where she was staying. It was time for her daily apparition. Up until that moment the family dog was barking, birds were singing, and leaves were falling. When Mary appeared the dog went and sat right underneath the window and looked up. The birds stopped singing, and the leaves stopped falling. It was like time had stopped. As soon as the vision was over, everything started right back up. Truly another amazing experience.