Vincent Todd Tolman of Henderson, Nevada, claims he “died” in his own toilet shortly after taking a dietary supplement from Thailand, which, unbeknownst to him, was poisoned on January 18, 2003.

He was, he says, dead – even sealed in a body bag by paramedics who saw no signs of life. It is estimated that he was clinically dead for at least forty-five minutes, and probably more than an hour. This was followed by three days in a coma.ADVERTISING

Along with the extraordinary sights, sounds, aromas and sensations on the other side — as well as the truly profound spiritual lessons he described in the book Light into the Darkness — Tolman claims he was told about the future — the near future, reports spirit daily.

Great miracles are coming 

If his testimony is to be believed, major global events will occur in the next ten years.

“I was allowed to see some amazing things that were going to happen,” he tells the testimony. “These are not terrible things. These are magnificent things. There is reason for hope.”

Because if they are answered in the right way, he emphasizes, the coming troubles will force us to reform our inner, spiritual lives, putting them in a more harmonious relationship with God and creating a better world.

What Tolman claims he was shown, he says on YouTube, is that “some great difficulties are coming, but they will build us as a society as a whole and great miracles will happen, in the very near future. All logic will have to disappear when these miracles happen. We will fight with that logic and ego in ourselves, where we will watch something happen and everything inside us says: ‘That can’t be’. But everything in our hearts says: ‘It is real’.

Do not have mobile phones nearby

There will be a real showdown, he says, and part of it will involve the news: the media will “present certain events on Earth as very, very scary, and that will put a lot of people on Earth in a terrible state, but those who know know will that the light that comes from this is amazing and absolute perfection, so that we will not be afraid of these things that are happening.”

“Don’t have cell phones near you,” Tolman, a former computer technician (as well as a home builder), confidently prophesies. “We will not depend on modern technology. In essence, we will move away from technology a bit. Those who do not take that path will remain in the paradigm of fear. They will need technology even more.

In fact, soon the limit of putting technology in the body will be crossed, and then we will see how society is divided. There will be those who will accept the technology inside the body and those who will not, for whatever reason.”

Let God guide you through everything that comes, not news and apps

When asked if it would be in the next ten, fifty or a hundred years, Tolman said in an interview with Heather Tesch: “The next ten years.”

“I see years of struggle,” says Tolman. “But I see from the outside that the growth we get from that struggle is so amazing, so beautiful. We need not fear hardship or struggle. We just need to make sure we get our core right so that God guides us through the struggle, not the news, not our apps, but God. God can lead us straight through the struggle and then it is not a struggle, but much easier.”

It is important to love 

The key, he points out, is to love everyone in all circumstances , and above all to connect with God’s love.

People will have an inside “knowing,” he says, about whether or not to relocate—seek shelter somewhere—during the event. They will gather in several locations around the world, he believes, and new, “small cities” will be built by those who move.

Others – those in the “fear paradigm” – will seek refuge in larger cities.

“We’re going to see very strong fear, and fear includes guns and violence and a lot of those things that happen in these cities.”

There will be a split between ego and spirit in society.

“Those who follow the path of ego will do whatever the phone tells them to do, whatever the news tells them to do, whatever governments tell them to do, they will do. But anyone who has that inner connection with God will do whatever makes sense to them, as long as it’s aligned with that inner connection with God.”

“Foreign egos” – those who follow the path of fear – “are only slowly being eradicated from the face of the earth”, he claims. “Apartheid” is between the higher and the lower self, God’s and the worldly, warns Tolman.

Thy Kingdom come

Let us remind you that what he is talking about is not the end, but a new beginning,— albeit with dramatic events predicted in places like Fàtima, Medjugorje, Kibeho (Rwanda), Betania (Venezuela) and perhaps a few other places. The seer from Fatima, Lucia dos Santos, spoke about what she called the “illumination” of the Third Secret like this:

“The tip of the spear, like a flame, releases and touches the axis of the earth. Trembling. Mountains, cities, towns and villages with their inhabitants were buried. Seas, rivers and clouds come out of their borders, overflow and carry with them in a whirlwind of houses and people in numbers that cannot be counted. It is the purification of the world that sinks into sin. Hatred and ambition cause a devastating war!”

However, it is not the end of the world. The many ways we use technology and abuse His creation, as well as each other, will stop. As such, it will be magnificent. Our connection with God is important. Because He will guide us, says Tolman, how to prepare – without fear or anger. Later, human societies, so wayward now, so full of division and hatred, on all sides, will be more in line with His plans.