Medjugorje: ..The Extraordinary Words of the Blessed Mother to Locutionist Jelena that People Never Forget – “I have come to tell the world that God is truth; He exists.”.

THURSDAY, JUNE 16TH 1983 To Jelena:

I have come to tell the world that God is truth; He exists. 

True happiness and the fullness of life are in Him. I have come here as Queen of Peace to tell the world that peace is necessary for the salvation of the world. In God, one finds true joy from which true peace if derived. (L1, 100).


Hasten your conversion. Do not await the sign, which has been announced, for those who do not believe. It will be too late. You who believe, be converted and deepen your faith. (L1, 99).
To Jelena, concerning Anita, to whom the Blessed Virgin appeared after Good Friday, and who only seldom gets together with Jelena and Marijana, because of her many obligations:
If she cannot come because of her responsibilities, have her pray for a quarter of an hour at least, and I will appear to her and bless her.


To Jelena:
Love your enemies and bless them! (L1. 100).


The sign will come, you must not worry about it. The only thing that I would want to tell you is to be converted. Make that known to all my children as quickly as possible. No pain, no suffering is too great to me in order to save you. I will pray to my Son not to punish the world; but I beseech you, be converted.
You cannot imagine what is going to happen nor what the Eternal Father will send to earth. That is why you must be converted! Renounce everything. Do penance. Express my acknowledgement to all my children who have prayed and fasted. I carry all this to my Divine Son in order to obtain an alleviation of His justice against the sins of mankind. (C. 145 – 146).
I thank the people who have prayed and fasted. Persevere and help me to convert the world. (CP. 151).