Healing prayer to the Precious Blood of Jesus – July 25th

The blood of Jesus that forgives, gives life and heals

The water and blood that came out of the heart of Jesus are not simply two streams of liquid that came out of a broken and suffering heart, but they are his rays of purification, the same that, according to some mystics, come out of the Confessor’s heart for the forgiveness of sins , during confession.

The month of July is dedicated to the Precious Blood of Jesus . His blood, poured out for us to the last drop, is the drink of salvation for eternal life, and it is what gives us life on the way . Furthermore, in the Bible, blood was closely linked to the concept of life, which Jesus totally gave to us.

Tradition also reports that St. Catherine of Siena said: ” Whoever with the hand of free will takes the Blood of Christ and applies it to his heart, even if it is hard as a diamond, will see it open to repentance and love” .

Let us turn to him with love, an unmistakable witness for all of us of his love, a pledge of salvation, of eternal life, as well as of liberation and healing.

Prayer of healing to the Precious Blood of Jesus

By your Blood shed for the forgiveness of sins, purify me from all guilt and renew me in my heart , so that the image of the new man created according to justice and holiness may shine more and more in me.

By Your Blood, sign of reconciliation with God among men , make me a docile instrument of fraternal communion.

By the power of Your Blood, supreme proof of Your charity, give me the courage to love You and the brothers to the point of the gift of life .

O Jesus the Redeemer, help me to carry the cross daily , so that my drop of blood, united with yours, will benefit the redemption of the world.

O divine Blood, which vivifies the mystical body with Your grace, make me living stone of the Church . Give me the passion for unity among Christians.

Infuse in my heart great zeal for the salvation of my neighbor .
It arouses numerous missionary vocations in the Church, so that all peoples may be given to know, love and serve the true God.

O most precious Blood, sign of liberation and new life, grant me to preserve in faith, hope and charity , so that, marked by You, I can leave this exile and enter the promised land of Paradise, to sing my praise to you forever with all the redeemed.