Fr. Mark Goring – how to deal with demons

1 year ago
TRUE MIRACLE AND SAINTS DO INTERVENE: Sister Faustina and her appearance during my mother’s terminal illness with brain cancer in August 2015 : During Adoration with my older sister at church, I suddenly felt compelled to look directly at the pew behind me.

To my surprise, I saw Sister Faustina standing with her arms stretched downward to the side (palms facing up towards us). It seemed she was offering silently in prayer our dying mother and our grief to God. Even more shocking, her appearance was as if she was alive in full bodily form (not transparent) and adorned in her nun uniform with a big rosary around her neck just like in actual photos of her! Shortly, she disappeared.

I rarely speak of this and I’m glad we were able to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet for our dying mother. I’m still dumbfounded why she appeared to me? I’m no one special. I’m just a grieving daughter who deeply misses her mother.

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