Vicka in rare Video of Private Apparition – Watch What Happens at Minute 1:17 When The Queen of Peace Arrives…”Prayer will help you, because prayer saves you, prayer saves the world.” Mary’s Pearl October 27, 2019

Today’s Pearl from Mary == Medjugorje Message, April 2, 2017 – to Mirjana

“Dear children, Apostles of my love, it is up to you to spread the love of my Son to all those who have not come to know it; you, the little lights of the world, whom I am teaching with motherly love to shine clearly with full brilliance. Prayer will help you, because prayer saves you, prayer saves the world. Therefore, my children, pray with words, feelings, merciful love and sacrifice. My Son has shown you the way – He who became incarnate and made of me the first chalice, with His exalted sacrifice He has shown you how you need to love. Therefore, my children, do not be afraid to speak the truth. Do not be afraid to change yourself and the world by spreading love, by doing everything for my Son to be known and loved by loving others in Him. As a mother I am always with you. I am imploring my Son to help you for love to reign in your life – love that lives, love that draws, love which gives life. I am teaching you such love – pure love. It is up to you, my apostles, to recognize it, live it and spread it. Pray with feeling for your shepherds so that they can witness my Son with love. Thank you. ”

11 thoughts on “Vicka in rare Video of Private Apparition – Watch What Happens at Minute 1:17 When The Queen of Peace Arrives…”Prayer will help you, because prayer saves you, prayer saves the world.” Mary’s Pearl October 27, 2019

  • Vicka seems to be saying no and yes all through the apparition. I wonder what they are talking about?

  • I love and adore the Blessed Virgin Mary and I feel her pain she has for humanity. Say the roseary every single day watch what happens!

  • You are sneaks and dragons of the devil. You will pay in hell for your betrail ti OUR PRECIOUS JESUS.
    JAHOVAH OUR GOD AND FATHER will judge you!…you brood of vipers

  • Vito….LOLOLOL. Your spelling says it all. Nutball.

  • I love our mother Mary. I believe she has been interceding for us.People have been saying all sorts of rubbish about the Mother of Christ.She still forgives us.Those people will be judged at last whether they liked it or not.

  • Vito, why are you so evil, if you don’t believe, you may be living in hell.?

  • Vito please check your grammar and later check your heart, your mouth speaks of what your heart is full, hatred has no place among us.

    • Hi Rosie… If you think I should delete his comments please let me know.. I try and allow free tlk here but Vito goes a bit far.. Thanks for your words
      Stephen Ryan Mystic Post Publisher

  • And, once again, Vito, another man who speaks for God, comes to us to proclaim his great biblical wisdom. In order to salvage his human-based religion, he must condemn all who are associated with the Medjugorje apparitions, and he must also insist that all associated with the apparitions are going to hell! What a great approach… he’s showing off his self-pride & disdain for others, just like Jesus did in the bible. Oh, wait… Jesus actually encouraged meekness, love, forgiveness and good works in the bible… what was I thinking? Sadly, I don’t think Vito actually based his comments on the teachings of Jesus.
    Whereas the Virgin Mary (in Medjugorje) has based all of her messages on Jesus and His teachings. What is this Lady thinking? She must not be paying attention to Vito’s teachings. Does anyone ever wonder what drives Vito, and others like him, to continually stalk the Medjugorje videos and make such hostile declarations? Certainly it is not God/Jesus who leads them here to condemn others. Maybe they fear that the apparitions are true, and that their evil comments will somehow make the Holy Mother go away.

  • For those who are not aware, the recently completed synod in Rome was very likely the synod that the Holy Mother warned Conchita Gonzalez about during one of her apparitions in Garabandal, Spain, in the early 1960’s. It was suggested that this synod would involve subject matter that would again compromise the Church, which is clearly what has taken place at this event. She also said that this synod would occur just prior the predicted warning & miracle. Therefore, I think there’s good reason to believe that these events could actually unfold soon. With a challenging U.S. presidential election coming up next year, Communism nipping at our heels, and Israel’s government being undermined by liberalism, I would suggest that it may actually occur before the election.

  • You might first give it some time to allow others to challenge him on his comments. People like Vito often make statements based clearly on their egos and emotions, and they never do well under cross-examination.

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