Prophecy Revealed? Catholic Bishops Produce New Film of the Mysterious Rebirth of Christianity in Russia. This phenomenon is the least understood Geo-political development on earth today and the most important.

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Do you ever find yourself wondering why Russia has suddenly become an obsession with the United States media, many of its politicians, its opinion makers even  Hollywood?  Do you sometimes sense that those most antagonistic towards Russia are the same institutions (MSNBC, CNN, NYT)  least friendly to God and Christianity?

It is important to understand that all the deafening noise against Russia and  how they stole the presidential election in the United States is all one big smoke screen. It’s fake news. Collusion has not been uncovered and there has been nothing of consequence that reveals the Kremlin’s decisive role in election manipulation. But politicians and left-leaning media continue to talk,  talk, and talk about Russia  But the battle is not about election interference;  the battle is about Christianity. Christianity is rising in Russia and  Russian leadership and the Orthodox Church are aligned in such a way that is deeply disturbing to America’s godless press.  

Millions of ordinary Russians have suddenly returned to Christianity. Russia may be the only country on earth that is experiencing a Christian religious revival and, of course,  this is not acceptable to those who view this development as a threat to a godless world.

Mystic Post has written many times of how the rise of Christianity in Russia is a part of the prophecies of Fatima and also the fulfillment of Medjugorje.  Our Lady, the Queen of Peace. said: “Russia will come to glorify God the most; the West has made modern progress but without God.”

This film is further evidence that Our Lady’s prophecy is unfolding and that the secrets may now soon begin to be revealed..

On the centenary of the Bolshevik Revolution, Catholic News Service looks at the rebirth of the Russian Orthodox Church following the collapse of communism and at the ongoing debates about the appropriate level of cooperation between the Church and the Kremlin.

The release of the new 30-minute film, FACES AMONG ICONS: Orthodox Believers in Contemporary Russia, also coincides with 100th anniversary of the apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima, who highlighted the need for the conversion of Russia.

Through interviews with the Roman Catholic archbishop of Moscow, a top official of the Russia Orthodox Church, and with an Orthodox monk, deacon, authors, commentators and laypeople—including the lead singer of Gorky Park—the film pays tribute to Russians who kept their Christian faith alive in the midst of persecution and now are trying to chart a course for the future.

 Given the historic significance of this year and recent events, FACES AMONG ICONS tells the story of Russia’s return to its historic faith in its complexity. Speakers with a variety of experiences, viewpoints and hopes reveal the landscape of a country in search of a post-Soviet identity.

For more information, or to inquire about showing the film at a private venue, please contact Editor-in-Chief Greg Erlandson (202-541-3250 or of Catholic News Service

I’ve lived in Russia since 2002. There is a spiritual rebirth happening here, and its the medicine the country needs.

Oh, the messages here, the beautifully crafted videos… this entire film is a true masterpiece!