Reader of Third Secret of Fatima Fr. Malachi Martin says: “There is an unfinished chapter and Russia will play a role”

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Fascinating short video:

Fatima : 1996 Fr Malachi Martin interview Third Secret involves Russia and Ukraine, among other things
1996 Fr Malachi Martin audio interview after some explanations :
Third Secret of Fatima Still Hidden- Fulda, Germany (1980) – Pope John Paul II was asked, “What about the Third Secret of Fatima? Should it not have already been published by 1960?”

The Holy Father replied: “Given the seriousness of the contents, my predecessors in the Petrine office diplomatically preferred to postpone publication so as not to encourage the
world power of Communism to make certain moves. “On the other hand, it should be sufficient for all Christians to know this: if there is a message in which it is written that the
oceans will flood whole areas of the earth, and that from one moment to the next millions of people will perish, truly the publication of such a message is no longer something to be so much desired.”

Malachi Martin added : it also involves Russia and Ukraine . 
Is the Fatima Prophecy unfolding.
Malachi Martin generic ativan drug before his death had some extraordinary things to say about Fatima, the Third Secret, and Russia.
Experts and theologians who have studied Fatima have always been puzzled by Russia’s unique status in the messages and secrets. Why was Russia, that tragic nation with such a rich tradition of venerating the Blessed Mother, specifically mentioned? Famous author and Vatican insider, Fr. Malachi Martin, who claimed to have read the “Third Secret” in the 1960’s, hinted that Russia was the key to the ‘Third Secret of Fatima’. He wrote:
Sister Lucia’s single-page letter of the “Third Secret” covers three topics—
1. A Physical chastisement of nations
2. A spiritual chastisement
3. The central function of Russia in the two which in fact, the physical and spiritual chastisements are to be girded on a fateful timetable in which Russia is the ratchet.

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  • Must we bring up dates… is really tiring and not useful at all.

  • father Malachi Martin said that the Medjugorje apparitions are false. Which I don’t believe this to be true

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