5 Reasons Why I am Not Giving Up Facebook for Lent.. But first look at Facebook as a tool …like a hammer or a power drill and not a living breathing thing that we should like or dislike

Remember Facebook is a tool, not a thing.

By Stephen Ryan

I have heard from a number of people that they are “giving up” Facebook for Lent.

I suppose I understand on a certain level but to me, it is not something I think goes in the right direction for people of faith.

Here are 5 reason why Facebook is good for my soul.

  1. Beautiful and Holy – I read beautiful prayers attached to beautiful pictures posted by wonderful people every day on my newsfeed.

  2. Friends and Family -Each day I  hear nice things, important things, funny things, sad things from people who mean a lot to me all the time. Why do I not want to share these good and sometimes holy things with my friends and family?

  3. Conversion – I am a sinner but I try and I work on my conversion each and every day. Each day I encounter something that helps me with my conversion that a friend has posted on Facebook. Forgotten Feast days. Saints of the days. Reading these things helps me search my soul in an honest way and deepens my faith.

  4. Apostles for Our Lady – Our Lady asks us to be her apostles and to be apostles of her Son’s love. Facebook helps me fulfill Our Lady’s request by sharing holy things with people that are part of my world, perhaps close to me, but far from God. We are called to spread the good news.

  5. PenaceThis Lent I will spend time thanking people for posts that come from good hearts and detach myself from posts that troll souls with negative spirituality. 

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