The future of the world in the revelation of Maria Valtorta

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Dear Father Livio,

on 08/27/1947 Jesus says to Maria Valtorta:

“Now we are in the period that I call: of the precursors of the Antichrist. Then will come the period of the Antichrist who is the precursor of Satan. This will be aided by the manifestations of Satan: the two beasts named in the Apocalypse . It will be a worse period than the current one. Evil grows more and more. Once the Antichrist has been defeated, the period of peace will come to give time to men, struck by the amazement of the seven plagues and the fall of Babylon, to gather under my sign. The anti-Christian era will rise to its maximum power in its third manifestation, that is, when there will be the final coming of Satan.” (Notebooks of 1943- Capiyolo103)

Two things can be unequivocally deduced from this passage:

1) The Antichrist will manifest himself before the period of peace and therefore before the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

2) The period of manifestation of the Antichrist coincides with the period described in chapter 13 of the book of Revelation.

I believe that Valtorta is right for at least two reasons:

1) The period of the 10 secrets is the time of the greatest divine manifestation in the world. Could there never be the maximum manifestation of the evil one at the same time?

2) The Antichrist is a man of “false” peace, this has been explained to us from all sides in various historical periods. But if the Antichrist is a peacemaker he evidently appears in a period of war, of strong contrasts.

3) Could the devil, being God’s monkey, propose his false peace to the world, as an answer to a profound desire that the heart of man yearns for, before God proposes His?

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Dear David,

This perspective on the future presented by Jesus to Maria Valtorta is particularly clear and largely reflects the Marian prophecy from Fatima to Medjugorje.

  1. The moment in which Valtorta writes is 1943, which would be the time of the “Precursors of the Antichrist”. However, it is specified that some of those who will see the times of the Antichrist are already in the world.
  2. The period of the Antichrist according to Valtorta is placed in the time of the ten secrets. The Vicar of Satan will be supported by the two beasts of the Apocalypse, absolute human power and false religion.
  3. Therefore it is possible to hypothesize that in the time of secrets, to avoid the catastrophe of a nuclear war, the solution of a “false peace” will be found, an agreement between the powerful on the government of the world in the name of “science and technology”.
  4. It will be in this period that the Church will make the choice between adhering to this project with the consequent apostasy, or faithfulness to Christ with persecution.
  5. However, the peace of the Antichrist will not last long. The collapse will occur either due to an internal implosion and therefore the start of a new war, or for other reasons, such as catastrophic natural events.
  6. At the end of the secrets, the time of peace will begin which will coincide with the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. 
  7. In this regard, Valtorta’s revelation is emblematic: ” Once the Antichrist has been defeated, the period of peace will come to give time to men, struck by the amazement of the seven plagues and the fall of Babylon, to gather under my sign.”
  8. In the time of the seven plagues, that is, of the secrets from the fourth to the tenth, the new world without God will collapse (the new anti-Christ creation, Babylon the great prostitute) to the amazement of the survivors who will gather under the sign of Mary (the one on Podbrdo?)
  9. At this point it should be noted that those who know what will actually happen in the time of secrets are the six visionaries of Medjugorje.
  10. It is not specified how long the time of divine peace on earth will last. In a message, Our Lady mentions this century, specifying that if we welcome the King of Peace, this century will be a time of peace and prosperity (25 – 12 – 1999).
  11. The final phase of the history of salvation will be marked by the last coming of Satan, his third manifestation (the first in the public life of Jesus, the second in the time of secrets) which will cause the greatest anti-Christian persecution.
  12. The history of salvation will end with the coming of Christ in glory, the Resurrection of the dead, the final Judgment.
  13. Jesus reveals to Maria Valtorta that this perspective is that of the Apocalypse with this clarification: “Even in the Apocalypse it seems that the periods are confused, but this is not the case. It would be better to say: they are reflected in future times with increasingly grandiose aspects.”

(In this sense therefore the Marian revelations regarding the future have a solid reference in Sacred Scripture).

Ave Maria

Father Livio