Be Ready for What is Coming – The Biblical Significance of the 40th Anniversary “We are approaching the time of the triumph of the heart of our Mother.”


Will the 40th anniversary on June 25, 2021 be the date when all that has been said about the Medjugorje secrets and the coming “Tribulation” be the time when events begin to unfold?

Fr. Livio, who follows Medjugorje closely, turned to the Bible recently and said this: “Given that we are now in the 40th year of the apparitions, I really believe that the number 40 is crucial and symbolizes biblical times because it recalls the years in the desert of the people of Israel.

And the most recent Messages of Mary have reinforced my conviction. I quote only one sentence from the July 25 message: “The tests will come and you will not be strong and sin will reign.”

Fr Livio also made the powerful point that Luisa Piccarreta wrote prophecy about what Jesus told her about the importance of the number 40.

Jesus: “My daughter, the number of forty days in my life down here on earth is symbolic and significant. Forty days, in being born, I wanted to stay in the grotto of Bethlehem, a symbol of my Divine Will that while it was in the midst of creatures, it was like their souls hidden and outside the city; and I, to repair the forty centuries of human will, wanted to stay forty days outside the city in a vile hut to weep, to moan and to pray, to recall my Divine Will in the city of souls and to give it its dominion.

After forty days I left to introduce myself to the temple and reveal myself to the holy old Simeon. It was the first city I called to the knowledge of my Kingdom and it was so much his joy that he closed his eyes to the earth to open them to eternity.

Forty days I  stayed in the desert and then immediately went out into my public life to give the creatures the remedies and the means to reach the Kingdom of my Will. Forty days I wanted to stay on earth after my Resurrection, to confirm the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat and its forty centuries of Kingdom that it was to possess.” 

In a recent testimony the visionary Mirjana Soldo declares: ‘We are approaching the time of the triumph of the heart of our Mother!’ The triumph of his heart will come through the priests, who are fundamental to this, it is important to pray for all of them!   The hour has come when the demon is authorized to act with all his force and power The present hour, is the hour of Satan.” I can’t tell you more now!

Father Livio Fanzaga researched Our Lady’s messages and he was concerned by Our Lady’s frequent expression that translated as “No time” or “There is no time to lose”, “There is no more time”, “Time is running out”.

“Be converted! It will be too late when the sign comes. Beforehand, several warnings will be given to the world. Have people hurry to be converted. I need your prayers and your penance. My heart is burning with love for you. It suffices for you to be converted.

Why is Medjugorje so important? Why not just believe in approved apparitions such as Fatima and Lourdes?

Every time Our Lady has appeared throughout history, it has been to help guide man back to God from the errors of that particular period in history.

It is thus, that Medjugorje is more relevant to us today than any other private revelation in the history of Christianity.

Medjugorje is THE message of our time.

And so, we would do well to listen to what Our Mother has to say to us who are living today.

“A great battle is about to take place. A battle between my Son and Satan. Human souls are at stake. ”

“There is no time to hesitate to kneel before my Son, to recognize him as God “.