Under Attack: The Devil & The Virgin Mary “The incredible defense”

The Blessed Virgin Mary offers us protection again the devils plan of destruction. Satan hates God, therefore he goes after what God loves, which is us! The devil wants to destroy us by destroying our Catholic faith. How shall we find spiritual protection. The Rosary is the weapon to fight off the attacks of the devil. Through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we can obtain not only spiritual protection but great victory of the Satan.

The Catholic Church encourages us in devotion to Our Lady. Countless saints and doctors of the Church, recommend us to her powerful intercession.

Saint Alphonsus said regarding the Blessed Virgin Mary, “NOT only most holy Mary is queen of heaven and of the saints, but also of hell and the devils, for she has bravely triumphed over them by her virtues. From the beginning of the world God predicted to the infernal serpent the victory and the empire which our queen would obtain over him, when he announced to him that a woman would come into the world who should conquer him. “I will put enmities between thee and the woman ; she shall crush thy head.”

Saint Bonatventure, a doctor of the Catholic Church said, “Oh, how the devils in hell, tremble at Mary and her great name!” And Saint Bernadine of Sienna declares about the Mother of God, “She is queen over all and ruler of the spirits of evil, for she controls and conquers them.”

By seeking Our lady’s intercession, particularly by the Rosary, we place our selves in her mantle of protection.