Medjugorje: Christmas Wishes from Jakov and Ivan

Christmas Wish from Jacov



Message from the “Mani di Maria” Association
 VIDEO “Mary’s Hands”:
Video “Mary’s Hands”: a Christmas card that the Association sends to its benefactors and to all people of good will! It represents the birth of Jesus in the stable: Mary and Joseph and the baby Jesus in the manger. It was built on the lawn behind the external altar of the church of S. Giacomo. But these are not ordinary stones, but all heart-shaped stones that were collected over a period of six months and from multiple places with a lot of love. They symbolize our hearts that we must give to Jesus for this Christmas.
The president of the Mary’s Hands humanitarian association Jakov Čolo sent his message and congratulations :
“It’s a time we all rejoice, we’re all so happy, we’re all fine. But I believe that Christmas shouldn’t just be Christmas day itself. Everyone should bring the joy of Christmas into their hearts throughout the day. Year , especially to people in need. That man who is poor, he is not poor only at Christmas, he is always poor. It does not take long to make someone happy: we pass on to them the joy of Christmas, we pass on to them the joy we felt for the birth of Jesus in our hearts.
I want to thank everyone, all our donors, all the people of good will who have helped us to become “Hands of Mary” because without your help we could not do much alone, but with your help we can do a lot and we hope to be able keep doing it.
 Medjugorje is with you, we are with you through prayer! Because as Our Lady says, we always remain united in prayer – and this is what always brings us closer.
On Christmas day you will be in my prayers and I will present all your intentions and prayers to Our Lady and I will hand them over to Jesus. Merry Christmas to all! ” – Jakov together with the volunteers of the
 “hands of Mary”.
 Christmas Wishes from Ivan


December 20, 2021
For Christmas 2021, the visionary Ivan Dragičević sends all of us an encouraging Christmas wish:
“Dear friends in Christ,
At the time of Jesus ‘birth, the holy family strove to find the right place for Jesus’ birth. Bethlehem was noisy, confused, oppressed and violent. People were hurt. Everyone had an excuse for not welcoming the Holy Family: they were overworked, unprepared or had no time. Yet, whether his people were ready or not, Jesus was born in a stable in the stillness of the night, surrounded by light. Already as a child in the arms of his mother, Jesus began to offer himself as a salvation for his pain. And of all the people present, the shepherds were the first to wait for him, with a simple and open heart. Today, in the midst of noise, confusion, violence and oppression, Jesus wants to be born in a new stable, the stable of our hearts.He wishes to give us the peace that no one can give us.
My friends, we are like shepherds, simply and openly waiting for the Prince of Peace, the little Jesus, who will be reborn in our hearts. We are not afraid! There is indeed good news: Jesus Christ is Lord! He is the salvation for our diseases. It is the balm for our wounds. He is our only hope. He is our only light. He is our only joy! With this joy we want to wait together in our hearts for this little God, the Prince of Peace, the Lord of Lords, the wonderful counselor, the Almighty God.
We wish you a peaceful and happy Christmas and God’s blessings in abundance!
From the bottom of my heart, your Ivan with Laureen, Kristina, Mikayla, Daniel and Matthew.