Dearest Father Livio, I’m Maurizio from Frosinone, I’ve been following Medjugorje since 1995 and Radio Maria for many years now.

Regarding a letter you published from a reader of your blog, I too believe that interest in the apparitions in Medjugorje has decreased, especially among those who have followed the messages of the Gospa in recent years. A tiredness appears among the faithful, and perhaps even a certain doubt about the veracity of the apparitions. Of all this I am sure the creator is the devil and for this reason that the Virgin in the last messages urges us to stay awake and ready with the lamps on …

Our Lady who foresaw this situation decided to win with her “small army”. The Virgin Mary has already organized her army, she has already “enlisted” its members so much that she has stopped giving messages every 2nd of the month which were intended for those who do not know God’s Love. The Virgin Mary has decided to win the battle with a small group of his children but it remains for us to remain “morning watchmen”. 

I am sure that Our Lady with this small army will bring humanity to the new “spring time” that she has promised us. This is why we must distinguish between those who are part of her army made up of a few militants and those who will be in doubt until the fulfillment of the 3rd secret of Medjugorje but who will line up on God’s side by responding to her call.

The latter, in my opinion, will be many because they will have as reference and help (in the decision for God) the people whom the Virgin Mary will place or has already placed at their side in certain places and in certain situations and who will give the support to her. They will be decisive in the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary which will certainly happen but in proportion to the methods of response of her “small army”. 

 I believe that I am unworthily part of Mary’s army and this scares me because I believe that I am not able to help, if I am alive, those whom the Virgin Mary will want to place beside me above all in moments of the fulfillment of secrets (here the importance of creating prayer and help groups that you Father Livio invites us to create). Lately I have been placed in a work department where no one takes Our Lady’s messages into consideration, on the contrary I can say that they live in atheism or at most in lukewarmness of soul. One day I prayed to Our Lady asking her to give me an answer to the fact that I always find myself working with people far from God. Well, I immediately had the answer through a colleague who told me he was a reference for the office for some comforting words I said.

Dear Father Livio, as you have been saying for some time, today the world tends to eliminate or at least obscure God’s intervention in history and above all the maternal intervention of the Virgin Mary as if it were annoying. This is the result of a plan to discredit and progressively eliminate the Catholic Faith from every society and from every human environment as Bishop Fulton Scheen had prophesied. We are therefore at the tip of the iceberg represented by that project, which began decades ago, which seeks to destroy the Catholic religion or at least overshadow it, starting with the Saints, passing through the Popes and finally reaching the Madonna and then the Head who is Christ.

 A full-scale satanic attack on the Catholic Church is underway. Let’s look at the latest case of the shameful attack on the figure of John Paul II. It occurred to me that even in the past, in the midst of the Cold War, divine interventions in human history were hidden, like the case of Stanislav Petrov, a lieutenant colonel in the Soviet army who on the night of September 26, 1983 prevented a misinterpretation of radar signals the world was destroyed by a nuclear war. It is evident that the Virgin Mary intervened by divine will to save humanity but that it was not recognized by the world, on the contrary, the soldier instead of being rewarded for having saved his nation was reprimanded by his superiors for not having observed the protocol foreseen for possible nuclear attack. We also look at the case of the explosion of the nuclear base in the Baltic in 1984 which forced the USSR to abandon the preemptive nuclear strike on Europe, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the USSR without serious consequences for the world. All episodes of clear divine intervention not considered as such by the mass media and the world.

This gives the idea of ​​how Good and Divine intervention in recent years has been obscured, not understood, hidden and indeed almost despised by humanity. For this reason it is not surprising if the same happens in MEDUGORJE.

At the same time, however, I have noticed that among priests there is slowly growing greater consideration and awareness that the Virgin Mary is the Queen of Peace, even among those who do not take MEDUGORJE into consideration. I noticed that after the Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary of Russia and Ukraine made by Pope Francis last year many faithful and above all many priests in the recitation of the Holy Rosary began to call Our Lady with the title of Queen of Peace, something that didn’t happen before (especially in the Rosaries broadcast on TV but also in the Churches I frequent) and this is not only due to a simple act of submission to the will of the Holy Father who has been invoking it with this title for some time. What do you think Father Livio?

 Excuse me if I have gone on too long, I take this opportunity to thank you for the service you perform and for the immense good you do with Radio Maria! 

God bless you always and bless Radio Maria which represents the only bulwark in defense of the Christian Faith in our country and in the world as well as a great support and reference for everyone! 

Maurice of Frosinone 

Source Father Livio’s blog

Fr. Livio:

You have described a situation very close to reality. Darkness is falling on the earth and Our Lady has admonished us to be vigilant so that darkness does not seize us.

We can transfer all of Jesus’ warnings about his last coming to our time, which is that of Mary’s presence and the triumph of her Immaculate Heart.

We are in a moment of explosion of evil before its defeat. It is a time of ravings, of deceptions, of denials, of betrayals, of
villainy and of all wickedness.

Anyone who is not steadfast in faith, in prayer and in the sanctity of life
risks being overwhelmed by the blinding storm of the gates of hell.

However, Our Lady is present, she calls us, protects us, exhorts us and guides us. But how many respond? Only God knows, but in appearance it
really looks like a small flock.

All of this makes me think that there will be relatively few of us who are vigilant when the secrets come. Nor do I know what effect
they will have on indifferent or hostile public opinion.

However, we must be faithful because Our Lady, as she said, has 
placed her hope in us.

On the other hand, Heaven does not lack messages to wake up the sleeping people and it is to be believed that it will use them,   as it has already used them in these 42 years.

I wonder what would have happened if, instead of two days, it rained one week in a row. How far would the devastation go?

In this regard, it would be interesting to know what the experts tell us, or perhaps ask the oracle of “Science”

Unfortunately we are so blinded that we do not see the signs of Divine Mercy, which keeps us alive despite everything.

Ave Maria

Father Livio