Young people will be in the front row in the time of secrets

This evening I reflected on my five children, who, unfortunately, have not attended church for many years.

I considered that, however, all is not lost, because in their own way they pray or in any case are in search of the truth, they are good and available, one of them donated his marrow, they have good principles.

And like them, certainly many other young people…

Well, how will it be possible, in the near future, for all these young people to board Peter’s boat again?

I know that, as you have mentioned several times, Our Lady is able to change a person’s mind, but at the same time I wonder if there won’t be specific events, particular facts, which will induce those who are distant to reconnect with the Church. and to visit her again.

True, there will be secret events, but will they be enough?

Because I fear that the most likely reaction to the first two secrets on the part of those who profess to be non-believers could be that of ridicule and mockery towards Medjugorje, in the sense that these people could feel a feeling of absurd injustice upon seeing the chosen and favorite place by the Madonna struck by catastrophic events.

And these thoughts certainly won’t bring them closer to the Church.

What do you think?

Ave Maria.

Monica di Baldissero.

Dear Monica,

Observing last summer’s World Youth Day in Lisbon, I was struck not only by the enthusiasm, but also by the considerable number of young Europeans who converged on it.

It was comforting news for the Church in Europe, which is considered the most affected by secularization.

This means that realities today obscured by the media, such as the Gospel, the figure of Christ and the Virgin Mary, retain all their power of attraction on the human heart.

This happens because the Christian faith is not an ideology, but an event of grace that shakes life, elevates it and exalts its value.

In the time of secrets, the first discovery that children and young people will make is that of the Virgin Mary, who will manifest herself as the universal Mother, in her splendor of grace, clothed in the power of God.

In those moments of anxiety and fear, where there are no human ways of salvation, the Madonna will be an unexpected presence for many, who will demonstrate her lordship over the empire of evil and death.

In those moments, at the revelation and occurrence of every secret, the scales will fall from the blinded eyes, the hearts of stone will crumble.

Many will realize the satanic deception into which they had fallen and will grasp the anchor of salvation that comes from Heaven.

That will also be the moment in which Mary’s apostles will have to hold out their hands, exhort people to trust and pray, and remain steadfast in faith and hope.

Blessed in particular are those young people who will find close to them their loved ones who believe, their friends who encourage, their pastors who guide them.

Our Lady has been here for so long to prepare us to face this crucial passage, but for her triumph to be total she needs our help now.

Ave Maria

Father Livio